I am sure we have all heard the stories of the sacrifices that actors have had to make while preparing for a role. Whether it's gaining or losing weight, shaving their head, or toning their bod to get that perfect eight-pack, some roles demand major transformations.

Sometimes there are other factors that make their jobs a little too tough to handle, and film stars are pushed over the edge. 


Apparently, there have been times when actors have come super close to bailing on their role, and in some of these cases, we really don't blame them — but at the same time, we're glad they stuck around.

Can you imagine Hermione disappearing halfway through the Harry Potter series? Because our beloved Emma Watson almost walked away from her magical post, and let me tell you right now, I would have been extremely devastated. 

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Brad was super close to hanging up his fangs in Interview with a Vampire, and if he managed to leave, I would have driven a stake right though that movie's heart.

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Jim Carrey almost ruined Christmas by dropping out of The Grinch. Can you picture anyone else playing The Grinch?! Just try, I dare you. Can't do it, can you?!

Why would Emma, Brad, and Jim have left these iconic roles? Check out the video below to see why these and other major actors almost left their movies and TV shows.

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