Save Money Everywhere With 14+ Smart And Frugal Hacks

Diply 15 Oct 2018

My entire life, I've been frugal. Whether or not my parents were doing well as a lower-middle income family, being frugal has been a way of life. I think it's because it was engrained in my dad's life, having grown up in a frugal family himself.

Sure, we all love taking trips and splurging once in a while, but I truly believe we wouldn't be able to do that without having taken the steps to save on other things. If you need some tips on how to save in everyday ways, take a look at /r/frugal because you might just learn a thing or two yourself.

1. I am all for reusing the containers that my food comes in, but these ones are next level.

Reddit | iam1whoknocks

Seriously, they basically look like Tupperware containers! I think I'm going to have to take a look for these next time I'm at the grocery store. This is such a frugal win.

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2. YouTube can teach you many things, and how to debone a chicken might be one of the most useful ones.

Reddit | cordial_chordate

Buying boneless chicken might be convenient, but you're literally paying twice the price. Learn how to debone a chicken and you'll save big!

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3. I love a good trip to the thrift store, because you never know what you might score a deal on.

Reddit | AiJay1

Apparently, this knife is worth well over $100 and this Reddit user scored it for just a few bucks. That's a HUGE win!

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4. This one might seem a bit obvious, but if you're trying to save money, never buy precut fruit.

Reddit | Pete_The_Rawdog

You never get as much as you would if you bought the fruit whole, and it costs an arm and a leg compared to cutting it yourself.

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5. This is a frugal hack that I've tried many times, and totally love.

Reddit | kjoshi

A bowl of ramen at a restaurant may only cost $10-15 bucks, but if you can turn a $0.50 bowl from the grocery store into a masterpiece, then you really are winning.

A soft boiled egg and some mushrooms or meat can make a HUGE difference.

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6. If you aren't saving your coins in a jar, are you really a frugal saver?!

Reddit | Faelid

My boyfriend was able to save over $1,000 by tossing his coins in a jar and saving them. I should probably follow suit!

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7. My grandmother always tenderly took the wrapping paper off of her gifts to save for later.

Reddit | DisasterBUSE

Like I said, I now know where my dad's frugal tendencies came from! My grandma was a genius, really.

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8. Always take advantage of store closing sales, you might score big.

Reddit | Nusent

As I write this, there's a Fabricland closing down the street from me. I should probably hit that up and save big on some craft stuff!

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9. I literally just got back from a trip where I packed one medium-sized backpack so I didn't have to pay extra baggage fees.

Reddit | DDChandler

We actually thought about taking it to these lengths, but even a jacket and sweater was too heavy and hot for me.

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10. I still don't know why people buy Halloween costumes that cost so much $$$$.

Reddit | BadHabitBaby

You can totally make some adorable DIY costumes in a few minutes for only a few dollars.

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11. If you don't have a slow cooker, run to the thrift store and get yourself one.

Reddit | MashedPotatoh

You can make meals for dayyyssss using one of these bad boys. Plus, they're always super tasty.

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12. And if you haven't stocked up on plastic containers, zipper-lock bags come in handy for storing your slow cooker meals.

Reddit | [deleted]

This looks like a mighty fine chili, if you ask me!

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13. If you see a plant that is in need of a trimming, ask its owner for a cutting!

Reddit | KingSlayer1865

Plants are super easy to grow from cuttings, and most people will be happy to give you one!

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14. If you drink boxed wine, take the bag out so you can get yourself a couple extra glasses.

Reddit | ChrisWithWings

Although, if you're not drinking directly from the bag and slapping it as you go, then I don't think you're drinking boxed wine correctly.

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15. You can easily make your own dog toys with a cheap bag of replacement squeakers and some jeans.

Reddit | Waff11e_c0ne

My dog goes through toys ridiculously fast, so I think this is one frugal hack I need to try ASAP.

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16. Next time a t-shirt gets a stain or no longer fits, don't throw it out!

Reddit | kellysmom01

You can turn all of your shirts into a beautiful rug for your home! This would be a really nice way to keep sentimental shirts and know they've found a good home.

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17. You know those mesh bags that garlic comes in?

Reddit | broja

Turns out they make a pretty good trap for the lint from your laundry. I love this use of recycling something you'd normally throw out!

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18. Speaking of laundry, are you sick of using a dryer sheet every single time you do a load?

Reddit | itim

Why not try throwing a ball of tinfoil into your dryer? It'll help with static cling!

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19. Speaking of tinfoil, why bother buying a panini press when you can do this at home?

Reddit | mtbguy1981

If you've got a grill plate, use a brick wrapped in tinfoil to get the perfect grill marks.

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20. If you don't want to use a filtered jug of water every time you want a cold glass, why not try this?

Reddit | david0990

You'll get clean, filtered water without having to lug these jugs to the refill stations!

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21. Big mirrors really open up a space, but those things are definitely not cheap.

Reddit | KyZar0

But a couple of these full-length mirrors are! I love how this Reddit user turned six $4 mirrors into something much more bougie.

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22. If your jeans are starting to fade but are in otherwise perfect condition, don't think about throwing them out!

Reddit | AboutHelpTools3

You can simply use some clothing dye to bring them back to that dark shade we know and love.

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23. Don't toss out your coffee cans when you're done with them!

Reddit | Reddit

You can pretty easily make a stove with them! These are the perfect mini BBQs for camping.

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24. Finally, this may be one of the most frugal hacks I've ever seen.

Reddit | MotherOfGoose

But, if you've spent all your money on a TV like that one, you might need to cheap out on the coffee table. Tbh, if you covered this in some contact paper and paint, it wouldn't be awful as a temp solution.

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