12 Times Grandparents Were Unrelentingly Savage

Diply 28 Mar 2018

It's always the quiet and seemingly innocent people who have the sharpest tongues. My boyfriend's grandma rarely says anything, but when she does, she can tear you down and rip your dignity from you in the most hilarious way.

These grandparents have burned their grandchildren so badly and didn't even bother to soothe the affected area afterwards.

1. An unapproving grandma if I ever saw one.

Twitter | @oliviapplegate_

Maybe she liked the old boyfriend better? Or maybe this one is just really bad.

Well Elaine, looks like you're the only one out of 80 other people who isn't happy about this relationship.

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2. I guess the next step after becoming a grandma is to become a great-grandma.

Twitter | @getlikenessa

That's the only explanation as to why she would destroy her granddaughter like this. Phyllis, you are ruthless.

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3. This person's aunt gave birth and sent a photo of the newest family member to a group chat.

Twitter | @_meezy_

Grandpa was clearly so excited he just couldn't find the right words.

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4. "My grandma ain’t give nobody time to wake up good and brush their teeth this morning."

Twitter | @dae_gore

I'm not even awake at 7 in the morning, but this grandma still expects her birthday wishes at the crack of dawn.

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5. This guy's grandpa not only has the snappy comments, but he also knows just how good they are.

Twitter | @z34_randy

Nothing is more dangerous than someone who has a weapon, isn't afraid to use it, and is incredibly skilled.

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6. "My grandma has a picture of her first boyfriend on her dresser instead of the guy she married."

Twitter | @FabSakker

This is some shade that I don't want to look further into because it's probably filled with regret and sadness.

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7. Talk about rubbing salt in a wound.

Twitter | @blakehawkdown2

This grandma has finally sent her grandson a friend request and then cropped him out of her profile picture. That's just cold, Tina.

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8. This grandchild said no to going to bingo night with their grandpa and look what it got them. Sass.

Twitter | @hypedresonance

I hope you had something much better going on, because I would never say no to bingo.

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9. Yo, Joe, maybe it's just a pre?

Twitter | @skpennella

Maybe they are practicing for the countdown? What are you doing for New Year's, anyway? You're probably just jealous you weren't invited to their "dull" party.

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10. Being left on read is already one of the worst feelings.

Twitter | @OliviaReiley

But here you have grandma leaving you read after you wish her a happy birthday! I hope it's a mediocre birthday now, grandma. How's that?

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11. If you post a picture of yourself doing a duckface, you better believe Nana is gonna call you out on it.

Reddit | basvde

It has never been a good look and never will be.

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12. The level of savage here is something you have to see to believe.

Reddit | Packian

I love an honest person, but this is so brutally honest that I'd need bed rest if I was the friend.

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