16 Satisfying Pics Perfect For Curing A Case Of The Blues

Diply 17 Apr 2018

Anyone else having a cruddy day? Week? Year?! Yeah, me too. Sigh.

When I'm stressed beyond measure, even tiny things like my perpetually crooked coasters can make me want to lie down and sleep until some adulting fairy magically cleans my house for me.

But since fairies aren't real, I just have to enjoy some super satisfying pics until I get up the energy to do some dishes.

1. How these tubes of paint perfectly fit.

Reddit | Shamrock2001

This speaks to me specifically, since my own watercolor and gouache tubes are jumbled in the bottom of a drawer. I'll organize them...eventually.

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2. How these colored pencils roll.


I can't even say that my personal colored pencil collection is a mess, because I have no idea where it is. It disappeared somewhere between college and moving out of my parent's place. I miss them so much.

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3. How these spices are piled into perfect cones.

Reddit | Iam1337

I wish Smellevision was a thing because these probably smell amazing.

One question, though: How do you scoop out portions of spices without having the whole thing topple over? It has to be magic, right?

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4. How someone completed this crossword in pen with no mistakes.

Reddit | superchet

The printing is really neat, too. How dare a person be so good at crosswords AND have good penmanship! It's not fair!

Seriously, though, this is really impressive and super satisfying.

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5. How the pier frames this very good boy.

Reddit | tezza192

My dog would be refusing to sit still for the photo and would probably be coated head to tail in wet sand. Still adorable, though.

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6. How this paint marbles as it's mixed.


I could watch this gif loop forever. In fact, I lost track of time while writing this caption because I was so distracted by its beauty.

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7. How the surface tension was just right when this coin was dropped.

Reddit | googlymooglygooby

Had the puddle been even slightly deeper, the coin would have submerged, but instead we get this cool frozen ripple effect.

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8. How perfect this snowflake is.

Reddit | sarawoof

Had it hit the jacket at any other angle, one or more of the arms might have been squashed, ruining the symmetry. But it didn't and there was just enough time to capture it.

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9. How this snowball is a perfect sphere.

Reddit | RSmev92

Kudos to the person who spent so much time polishing this snowball into perfection. It's beautiful and a shame that it likely didn't last long.

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10. How this beautiful penmanship matches the color of the pen. 

Reddit | pennsler

And for more personal satisfaction, how I correctly recognized which fountain pen ink it was written in. Because I am a pen nerd.

(It's Waterman's Inspired Blue, FYI, and yes, I own a bottle.)

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11. How this kitty cat is curled up.

Reddit | janlancer

It's almost perfectly round! Just an ear out of place and that's not a flaw. Cat ears are never a flaw. They are always perfect.

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12. How this doggo has a heart on his nose.

Reddit | _MyThoughts_

A dog's nose is also always flawless, but sometimes a snoot can outdo the snoots of others. And this one surely does.

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13. How these shoes match the escalator.

Reddit | nevinarnold1

This kind of accidental camouflage is always oddly satisfying. It's so perfect that you almost wonder if that specific striped fabric was inspired by escalators.

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14. How this sports field was mowed.

Imgur | Iam1337

Any even lawnmower pattern can be satisfying, but this guy went above and beyond! Do you think he's got a plan for it or does he just do it perfectly without guides?

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15. How this window creates a Millennium Falcon on the floor.

Reddit | johnrobertbob

Something about light and pattern has always spoken to me. I'm that person with prisms hung in every window. This is perfect for me.

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16. How this industrial slicer cuts the cheese.


I hear you snickering! But seriously, if you've ever wondered how the slices of cheese at the deli counter are all perfectly sliced, here's your answer.

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