The Russo Bros Tweeted A Pic That Has Marvel Fans Stumped

Diply 17 Oct 2018

Marvel fans honestly don’t have a lot to complain about these days.

Between the staggered releases of fan-favorite movies every other month, endless TV shows, and some of the best production value in the business, they're living in the golden age of superhero media. Plus, Marvel practically runs every big convention around.

But recently, a Russo brothers tweet has caused some disruption in the MCU that has Avengers fans cooking up some saucy theories.

Twitter | @Russo_Brothers

They could not have posted a more ambiguous photo.

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Fans immediately took to the replies with their speculations, and the theories are all over the place. 

Twitter | @DanielJMcLean

A lot of people in the comments are just being massive trolls TBH — but how could you not troll a photo of...legitimately nothing describable?

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At the same time, people also seem to think it's this so-far-unseen-in-movies character from Marvel comics.

Twitter | @madmiyaa

In case you aren't knee-deep into the Marvel comic universe, Adam Warlock, or Magus, was created by the Enclave to eradicate war, illness, and crime.


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But there have been whispers that Marvel is saving Warlock for the third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Twitter | @ThatOneWeirdo14

I guess introducing a completely new character to destroy the likes of Thanos after all the sacrifices made by the Avengers would be kinda shady.

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Some fans are having feelings about the fearless leader, Captain America.

Twitter | @UlysssCreative

The passing of Steve Rogers could be pretty legit — especially considering Chris Evans' recent tweet that had everyone shooketh about Captain America's potential demise in Avengers 4.

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So gracious, so heartfelt, so indicative of a goodbye.

Twitter | @ChrisEvans

We're hoping this one isn't true, but this tweet reads like an endearing letter to his first love, so it just might be.

Fingers crossed though, because what is Marvel's hot "Chris" trio without our patriotic zaddy Chis Evans?

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A handful of replies mention the likes of a "proton cannon" which sounds hella intense.

Twitter | @AJMurphy1991

Basically, a proton cannon has a massive amount of power and can cause a serious ruckus.

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Going off of this theory, some people think it'll be used to capture the absolute savage, Thanos. 

Twiter | @k420kb

That feels way too easy TBH. Oh sure, we'll just get a big scary gun and all of our problems will be solved! The next suggestion seems a bit more reasonable.

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See, now this is something we can get behind. 

Twitter | @AJMurphy1991

Captain Marvel holds more than a dozen superpowers (YASSSSS QWEEN) and one of those is the ability to absorb kinetic energy.

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So basically, she could use the power from the proton cannon to make herself more powerful.  

Giphy | Giphy

That's a true depiction of BDE and would be an iconic slay-day in the MCU.

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Another pretty legit guess claims a much simpler solution to the mystery. 

Twitter | @SeanBonau

At first glance, this theory doesn't really seem related at all, especially compared to the proton cannon shenanigans and our lord and savior Cap'n Marvel.

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But there might be more to it than we think.  

Twitter | @McKennaSpitzer

Lowkey, it would be super disappointing if the directors' big hint was just a police siren. Like, of all the things in the MCU, y'all really chose a light bulb?

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Finally, probably the most complex theory that this image has stirred up. 

Metro | Metro

Fans got to comparing the blue blob with older graphics released by Marvel, and they came up with a pretty cool idea.

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To some, this screenshot of Avengers: Age of Ultron, put side-by-side with the image shared by the Russos looks mysteriously similar. 

Twitter | @RussoBrothers

But the theory is what makes the images fit together.

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Basically, people think the parallels in these images mean that there will be a time-jump.

Giphy | Giphy

This totally makes sense, especially since the end of Avengers: Infinity War left us with a mere handful of heroes to save the world.

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Maybe going back to the Age of Ultron timeline can bring everyone back and save the world.

YouTube | ODE

Or, maybe the Russo brothers are trolling us all and drew the blue blob image in Paint just for kicks. They're probably laughing at us right now. Who knows?!

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