16 Runway Fashion Looks That Will Make You Angry And Confused

Diply 9 Feb 2018

Regina George once said to Gretchen Wieners, "Stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!"

If that's the case, we would call these runway looks fetch because they're never going to happen.

In fact, we hope that the runway is the first and last time we see them. Or the garbage...if we saw them in the garbage, that would be okay with us, too.

1. Embellished Crocs


Cover it in glitter. Cover it in gold. Cover it in diamonds. Cover it any way you'd like and it would still be ugly. What's next? A Croc heel? Not on our watch, fashion!

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2. Wearable butterfly gardens

YouTube | Moschino Official

We must admit, this look is very pretty — we'll give the designer that. We just question the wearability of it...especially because we're uncertain whether or not it can fit through doors.

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3. Thigh-high Uggs


Don't lie. The basic betch in all of us just got excited. They look comfortable AF, and a part of you really, really wants to wear these all winter long despite the bad reputation.

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4. Dinosaur fashion

M2M | M2M

I'm actually speechless. It's hard to know how to respond to something when you've never seen anything like it before. Some things really shouldn't exist (and this is one of those things).

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5. Latex masks

YouTube | Moschino Official

Super casual. Not intimidating at all. You might be able to replicate the runway look for less if you can find a black swim cap. Thank me when you're America's next top Instagram model.

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6. Potato sacks from the future

YouTube | FF Channel

"Walk in Fashion Week," they said. "It will be good for your career," they said. It might be time for this model to retire because we think wearing this outfit has left her scarred.

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7. Human backpacks

YouTube | Vogue

Just when you thought designer Rick Owens couldn't get weirder, he does. This is a fun runway look to try if you and your bestie are inseparable. Now you can literally go everywhere with each other.

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8. Whatever this is

Vimeo | Craig Green Menswear

Not even sure what to call this. Is it fashion? Is it art? Someone tell me! But then again, maybe the point is that we're not supposed to know. So thought provoking.

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9. Elf-inspired sneakers

YouTube | FF Channel

Maybe you could pull off this look during Christmas or the holidays, or if you live in the North Pole. Again, I said "maybe," so probably not.

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10. Thong Jeans

YouTube | Male Model Corp 3

Can they even be called pants at this point? These jeans defeat the purpose of wearing clothes. Why even bother getting dressed if you're going to wear denim that's this destroyed?

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11. Dressing in aluminum foil

YouTube | Liberty London

We all have that one friend who loves to be the center of attention, and this would be a great look for them. It's impossible not to make an entrance when you're wearing this.

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12. Dressing like the Michelin Man

YouTube | Fashion Feed

If the Michelin man and a Shar Pei were to procreate, this is what their love child would look like. Let's hope it never happens because this outfit is scaring me.

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13. Recycled toys

YouTube | FF Channel

Before you toss your kid's unused toys, why not reduce, reuse, and recycle? Just pin them onto your outfit and you'll be wearing the next big runway trend. You won't look crazy at all!

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14. Your dad's sandals

Rick Owens | Rick Owens

Your friend's dad already has these. He's been wearing them for 20+ years, so this trend rightfully belongs to him. Don't be a copycat. Get your own style!

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15. Diamond masks

YouTube | ParisModesen

This mask is even less functional than the latex version. When it impedes on daily processes like seeing and eating, we have to question whether it's worth it. Then again, they do say beauty is pain.

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16. Stuck in scaffolding 

YouTube | number3store

Models may be thin, but they're not immune to getting stuck in scaffolding! This is what happens when you get caught in a tight situation at five and have to walk the runway at six.

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