12+ Resourceful People Who Would Make MacGyver Proud

Diply 13 Jul 2018

You have to admire people who always seem to be able to find a solution to whatever problem life throws their way. It takes a special blend of creativity, imagination, knowledge, resourcefulness, and experience to fix whatever needs fixing.

These folks have all those traits — and then some — and best of all, they've been in situations where they can put their skills on display for us.

1. I have to assume that this driver only needs their door to stay closed long enough to get it to the shop.

Reddit | jaxomlotus

Because tying it closed with a shirt(?) isn't a long-term fix.

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2. This shop worker lost the nozzle off their silicone lubricant, but they weren't about to let the rest of the silicone inside go to waste.

Reddit | EndlessDelusion

Fortunately, they had a push fitting sitting around the shop that subbed in nicely.

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3. When this person couldn't find the right size of socket for their socket wrench, they put tape and a spanner to work.

Reddit | edcamv

And apparently ended up adding "a ton more duct tape." The handyman's secret weapon!

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4. A clean workplace is a happy workplace, but keeping sawdust down is a huge challenge.

Reddit | celrdweller

At this site, workers rigged up a dust collector out of a plastic bin and a shop vac.

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5. That garage must be full, otherwise there wouldn't be much need for this makeshift car port.

Reddit | Blue_OODA

But during a heat wave, the shade is so worth it to park under.

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6. I can't imagine any mechanic or police officer recommending this as a headlight repair, but this person has done their best.

Reddit | tubesockk

There are three flashlights there, one for light, one for the blinker, and one for brights, so that's something.

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7. During a heat wave, fans are in high demand, and every little bit of air movement helps.

Reddit | garyegt

This one is from a '94 Nissan radiator, "powered from a car battery charger, plugged into a socket that is connected to a WiFi switch...So it's controllable from my phone." Quite the setup!

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8. How desperate will people get for AC when it's hot out? 

Reddit | BuyOneGetNone

How about running hoses from your car to your apartment so your pad gets a taste of your car's chill?

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9. Just because you don't have a yacht doesn't mean you can't live a yacht lifestyle.

Reddit | Flpanhandle

Keeping that loveseat dry and mold-free will be a challenge, but you have to admit, it's an upgrade at least in terms of comfort.

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10. Campers know the struggle of forgetting something important at home and having to improvise in the bush. 

Reddit | ecky--ptang-zooboing

Has anybody ever thought of using a shovel as a frying pan, though?

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11. Here's some classic resourcefulness: the flashing for a roof made from tin cans.

Reddit | Reddit

It's a roof that was put on during the Great Depression, so they used what they had on hand.

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12. Well, if you had absolutely no other options to get through a pile of lumber, you could probably do worse than a hand-crank chainsaw.

Reddit | BlackIceDragon

If nothing else, it's resourceful to build one from a handsaw and a bike pedal.

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13. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a leaf blower.

Reddit | Prochovask

I know, it doesn't look like a leaf blower. It looks more like a dryer exhaust on wheels. But leaves in its path will be blown away!

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14. That can of red spray paint must have been nearly empty if all this person could muster was the word "red."

Reddit | Battlefield_One

An attempt was made, with the bare minimum of effort. But it's a conversation starter!

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15. I suspect that this rusty bumper's long-term outlook isn't too rosy, so riveting something on to just hold it together isn't so bad.

Reddit | ampersand38

It doesn't have to be fancy to work!

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16. I hope nobody needed this wrench for anything else, because it's kind of busy helping train cars pivot.

Reddit | GromainRosjean

You really do expect a railroad to have the right parts on hand though, don't you?

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17. Usually when the grill runs out of propane, the BBQ comes to a standstill, but not in this guy's backyard.

Reddit | Reddit

Mind you, I'm not sure I'd want to eat anything cooked on a circular saw blade, but I'm fussy like that.

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18. Here's someone who really loves their fizz: they installed a tire valve in a soda bottle's lid so they could pressurize the bottle to keep it fizzy longer.

Reddit | reggit99

Seems like a lot of effort for fizz, but I'm not the one who has to drink it.

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19. Here's a reminder to always use your sewing skills for good: a shirt fashioned from old sports socks.

Reddit | drqxx

As a concept, it's fascinating. But for actual wearability, there might be a flag on the play.

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20. Not to be outdone, there's this regal creation: a suit made entirely from Crown Royal bags.

Reddit | Capgunkid

Let's not think about how many bottles of Crown Royal went into the making of this fabulous suit.

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21. I'd like to believe that a British engineer was responsible for this solution to the problem of tea that's too hot to drink.

Reddit | yudoit

Seems like a complicated setup, but that's what I like about it.

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22. This traditional South African pot can make some delicious dishes, but the legs aren't exactly stove-top friendly.

Reddit | tooblipp

So a wine cork was cut up to place under them, like little coasters.

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23. Can you imagine riding around town on a bar stool towed behind a bicycle?

Reddit | frankiefantastic

Honestly, it must be useful, otherwise there's no way this would exist. It would get two people from Point A to Point B, if nothing else.

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24. Washing machines definitely need door handles, but if mine broke off, I don't think I would ever screw a new one on like this.

Reddit | Xeaven100

But what do I know? That door will definitely open and close more easily now.

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