Some of the real estate in Disney's animated classics is pretty appealing, with its sense of whimsy and rustic charm — but it's all just fantasy, right?

Well, for the most part. But if you're in the market for a new house in the Pacific Northwest, you could live in a picture-perfect replica of Snow White's cottage.


Just walking up the front path, it's clear how special this property is.

It's located in Olalla, Washington — a small community on the shores of Puget Sound, about an hour from Seattle.

The slope of the roofs almost looks hand-drawn.

It's pretty apparent that this isn't any old house — it was clearly designed from the ground up to look just like Snow White's cottage.


The house isn't that big, but the property is.

Sitting on a 217,800-square foot lot, the lush property is more than big enough to live out your fairy tale dreams.

Let's take a look inside.

The realtor says that there isn't a square corner anywhere, and I certainly don't see any. That gigantic fireplace should provide plenty of heat to keep things warm.


Just about everything is handcrafted.

From the doors that were painstakingly cut and built using iron work to the hand-carved beams, this is about the farthest thing possible from a boring prefab home.

Much of the wood inside retains its natural shape.

I mean, there's a straight-up tree right in the middle of the kitchen! This pic also shows off how much the walls make the place look like a magical cave.


At 1.5 stories, this stucco home is pretty cozy.

It's 2,800 square feet, making it a good size for a couple or small family — or even a B&B.

Snow White's kitchen has been upgraded for the 21st century.

While the gorgeous cabinetry fits perfectly into the Snow White vibe, there was no way to make a stainless steel fridge look rustic.


A curved wooden staircase leads to the second floor nook.

Most of the home's features and rooms are on the first floor, but there is a small second floor area too.

It can be yours for $775,000.

It's really not a bad prize for a totally unique, four-bedroom house. Plus, it's straight out of a fairytale! This cannot be emphasized enough.


If you could live in any house from a Disney movie, which would it be? Tell us in the comments!