13+ Redditors Share Their Greatest 'Weird Kid In School' Stories

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Before we start, I should admit that I was one of the weird kids at school. As soon as the bell rang, that was my cue to run in circles around random people.

I don't remember most of my other activities, but my best friend had a lot of reasons to say, "Mason, don't ever do that again."

So I kinda get why most weird kids act the way they do. When crushing boredom meets a free spirit, things can get out of hand quickly. Over on Reddit, a user named mtol115 asked, "What will you always remember the 'weird kid' in your school for doing?"

It's no wonder these Redditors have so many stories about my people.

1. Hmm, I'm not sure any weird kid can go through life without getting bitten by the "I'm so random" bug. 

Reddit | Mite-o-Dan

I hope he at least changed his go-to response to "Sir, garbanzo bean, sir" when he got into his bunker mode, though.

Gotta commit to the joke.

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2. Ouch. This was a hard way to learn this lesson, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

YouTube | Movieclips

One public serenade can be adorable. Two is kinda pushing it. A whole album's worth will just make her wonder if this is her life now.

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3. Either the bet this kid lost was more costly than we initially thought or he just started to like his new aesthetic.

Reddit | thediggu

I mean, I don't think I've been sure about anything enough to risk shaving my eyebrows for six whole months over it.

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4. OK, I don't think even I'd want to hang with the kid who was prone to this kind of disrespect.

YouTube | Chisom Ibezim

Although I suppose seeing what happens when you beat him would make me feel way better about being trash at Yu-Gi-Oh.

Seriously, who kept playing with him?

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5. I wish we had the backstory for how Spanish class somehow turned into a one-man revolution.

Reddit | krishnachji

Bonus points if the Soviet Union had already collapsed long before he did this. It'd be like trying to claim that classroom in the name of the Roman Empire.

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6. Well, it's good to see that someone is treating their nutrition like the serious business it is.

YouTube | mithwath

I can just picture them dramatically opening the case like they're in a spy movie and squirting that dressing on with total concentration.

"Eat your vegetables, Mr. Bond."

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7. I think I know what this kid was going for, but his refusal to show any weakness about it is a little confusing.

YouTube | AirMax

It'd be hard not to take the can away before he screams, "I regret nothing!" and tries to snort the rest of it.

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8. Aww, I'm sure this girl was just coming to terms with the fact that her beloved got cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Imgur | dyloony

To be fair, I'd be pretty miffed by the idea that this flip-kicking, double-ended lightsaber-wielding legend could lose to mothballs too.

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9. Well, I guess this is the best-case scenario for when a kid brings a sword to school.

Reddit | ivang123

And showing up would be worth it just to hear him scream, "This is outrageous! My father, His Majesty, will hear about this," as they send him home.

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10. I don't share this kid's love for mustard, but I'd be a pretty serious hater if I didn't admire how prepared he was.

Me.me | Me.me

No matter how grossed out a teacher gets, they'd have to admit defeat once he pulls out his second cache of emergency mustard.

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11. This person seems convinced their weird kid was faking the funk, but how else could he have gotten up there?

Reddit | Quazbut

If he got his hands on a key to the roof, he'd only be able to do this once before the school staff confiscated it, right?

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12. Hmm, maybe this kid just thought Cricket was a game where you act like a cricket and only saw this nonsense about balls and bats as a distraction.

YouTube | Movieclips

Although that kind of depends on whether he expressed his frustration with a series of chirps and clicks.

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13. Folks don't realize how much the weird kid spiced things up until they're gone.

YouTube | Federico Santamorena

And this kid definitely had some oomph behind his style choices. How many people can make standing up and laying down in garbage seem almost cinematic?

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14. You know you've made it as the weird kid when your antics actually start catching on.

Getty Images | Colin Anderson

If we did weird dinosaur yells every time my school threw a pep rally, I might have actually shown some school spirit instead of groaning and rolling my eyes.

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15. Oof. Apparently, the dark lord has entrusted this kid with the most decadent shampoo secrets, and asking about them is just flirting with danger.

Reddit | ruggedburn

In a way, this person is lucky that they got the warning first. Some vengeful spirits just lead to our stylish doom.

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16. Pretending to be an animal is almost a weird kid's rite of passage, but I'm not sure how many genuinely believed it was in their DNA.

Reddit | RocketRobinhood

I'm sure her detailed report on the ways cats were affected by the Industrial Revolution was fascinating, though.

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