14+ Recent Tweets That Are A Real Mood

Diply 29 Oct 2018

Twitter is...well, honestly, it's often a dumpster fire of bad takes and rage. But every so often, scrolling through your feed can make you say things like "hah!" or "same!"

And that's what we're here to celebrate today. It took a lot of scrolling, tbh, but these are the most relatable mood tweets of the recent past.

1. Every once in a while, someone else's confidence shines so strongly that it ends up being contagious.

Twitter | @lonelytiefling

Just look at that block lettering. That's some intense ink you've got there, Mr. Cool ICE. I feel like I need to thank you or something?

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2. We've all been there, right?

Twitter | Twitter

There's nothing more limiting to our ability to flex on the playground that a mom's practicality. Or, possibly, a mom's buying of the wrong size and then pretending that she did it on purpose.

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3. It used to be that you only had to take care of your own appearance to go to work.

Twitter | @ParkerMolloy

That being said, you can generally get away with not wearing pants, so it all works out in the end.

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4. I know it's not good for you, but man does it ever feel good.

Twitter | @captainkalvis

I mean the Q-Tip thing. I have no idea about the other one. But yeah, apparently you're not supposed to jam Q-Tips into your ears until you feel the soft squishy jelly of your brain. Who knew?

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5. There's an important follow-up to this one.

Twitter | @jaboukie

If you send the risky text and you don't get anything back, then it's time to move on. Consent is important, ya dinks.

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6. This is the worst example of celebrities eating since that time Michael Bublé tried to eat corn on the cob like it was a corndog. 

Twitter | @ryanbassil

I know they both say corn, but come on.

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7. We were all about Pete Davidson's BDE, but nobody's talking about Big Dad Energy.

Twitter | @surgerywaste

It's got everything — bad use of technology, a love of Frasier. Add in a bad joke and you've pretty much peaked as a dad.

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8. Oh, how I wish to someday have this kind of vibe.

Twitter | @PaulTobin

I think I'm just hardwired to say "yes" to everything that shows up in front of me. The closest thing to turning down a favor that I'm capable of is asking for an extension if I don't finish an assignment quickly enough.

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9. I think most of us can remember at least one Halloween costume that got budgeted down below our expectations.

Twitter | @matt_obrien

Although, I've gotta say, the font on that turtleneck drawing is pretty SSSSMOKIN'!

I...I'm so sorry.

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10. I honestly couldn't tell you if she meant this as a joke or seriously, and it even more honestly doesn't matter one bit.

Twitter | @DylanGelula

I think we should all copy this tweet and pin it in preparation for when the world turns against us.

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11. Angst and indecisiveness? That's my kind of Halloween.

Twitter | @elle91

Protip, if you are going to go out as a gas station pump, make the costume as small as possible so you can be Lil Pump.

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12. Okay, first of all, wow. 

Twitter | @SamSykesSwears

And second of all, as a proud Slytherin, I'm not about to let you try to make me into something I'm not. Also, I was such a Michelangelo growing up, but now I'm really more of a Leonardo these days.

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13. I didn't come here to be attacked.

Twitter | @hmbnzs

Then again, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one. When people ask how I'm doing and I say, "Living the dream," I just wish I was asleep.

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14. I've got three kids, so I don't actually know what anything other than stale yogurt smells like.

Twitter | @thedad

Sometimes you get a break by smelling some diapers. That's honestly a palate cleanser.

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15. I like this one because half of you reading this are gonna be like, "Yeah, I hate people like that," and the other half are gonna be like, "Yas kween, get your savings!!!"

Twitter | @moooooog35
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16. I love it when two worlds collide.

Twitter | @msdanifernandez

Listen, I'm not going to be fussy at this point about where my likes are coming from. They might be from bots or SoundCloud rappers trying to get their bread, and I'll take them all.

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