16 Rebels With No Chill

Diply 26 Jan 2018

We all like to have fun, but sometimes people go too far. Some of these madmen and madwomen will do insane stuff, like taking instructions too literally, intentionally disregarding the instructions, or, horror of all horrors, not reading the instructions at all.

We don't advise following the lead of these rebels. Such crazy acts are best when viewed from a distance.

1. No peace if you hate peas.

Reddit | passingglans

This is utterly savage. They're explicitly telling you their position on peas, then you go ahead and do this? I have no words. No words.

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2. Free-swivel? In meetings?

Reddit | BestBeClownin

I mean, I've been known to fixed-swivel 360 degrees during a meeting, but free-swiveling? That's clearly taking things way too far, even if you are a prominent astrophysicist.

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3. Deal with it, gym people.

Reddit | Hawkince

She gives zero effs. She pays no mind to the haters, knowing full well that they hate her cuz they ain't her. She probably makes eye contact to assert dominance.

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4. Ordering the footlong carb special is just absolutely insane.

Reddit | sillylittlemuffin

Hold the meat, hold the veggies, hold the cheese. Don't hold the cookies. In fact, throw a few more of those bad boys on there.

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5. Such a rebel that he became a kingpin.

Reddit | Phyrexian_Archlegion

It's like the old saying goes: Whoever controls the spoon supply at Lincoln Way Central Cafeteria forever holds the balance of power.

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6. They may never make it back home.

Reddit | [deleted]

I don't know what they're thinking. One thing I do know is that I'm way too much of a conformist, and way too afraid of the unknown, to ever attempt such madness.

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7. You're a little too lit, fam.

Reddit | nastrovjebabushka

He took off his shoe in the middle of In-N-Out, then put on a devil-may-care expression as he sipped his soda. No shoes, no service? Ain't no thang.

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8. Oh, I get it.

Imgur | maddabber

Fair enough, well played, etc. If there's a second and a third box, Blade 2 and Blade 3 should do the job nicely. But what if there's a fourth box??

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9. Someone has to stop this cat.

Reddit | Niffer13

He's banned! He was served with paperwork! He knows the stakes, but he still returns. This feline has clearly run out of effs to give.

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10. True rebels start young.

Reddit | dansport730

He might be too young to talk, but he's not too young to pull off this rebellious twofer: First he locks the car, then he laughs.

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11. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Reddit | otakuneko23

Look, I know that things can get a little weird during the holidays, but there needs to be some sense of order in the world.

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12. The craziest rebel in all of Milwaukee.

Reddit | SaintRPh

He tempts travelers, making them think they're about to see the fabled bright lights of Cleveland, only to cruelly pull the rug out from under their feet.

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13. SO. WEIRD.

Reddit | spbl1598

Coffee? Laughing? Red Bull? More coffee? More Red Bull? He may be laughing, but this is no joke. As far as I'm concerned, he's a menace and belongs in jail.

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14. Craziest YouTube vid of all time.

Reddit | Pmbdude

Abstaining from animal products for sixty whole minutes is just crazy. I can't go more than three minutes without eating some meat or cheese.

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15. Some X-ray technician will see this and it'll totally blow their mind.

Reddit | minionk

It's just fine to make this symbol in most contexts, but doing it in the doctor's office? Utter insanity right there.

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16. It's a school night!

Reddit | pwickings

This madman is burning the midnight oil. He's still up at 8:24 PM, and school starts tomorrow at 8 AM. How will he even manage after this craziness?

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