13+ Rebels Doing Exactly What They Were Told

Diply 25 Oct 2018

I admire the courage it takes to stand up to the status quo, be different, stand out, and challenge norms. And I can appreciate all that it does to change the world.

But there is a subtle beauty in taking instructions very literally and ending up with anything but the intended result — just like these gentle rebels have done.

1. "Dress code."

Reddit | streamzip

Any girl who has to spend time in an office, school, or — to be honest — any establishment where a person can be a productive part of society, has felt the rage-inducing effects of a dress code. Here's a loophole for next time.

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2. Somehow, this is everyone's parents while they are on vacation.

Reddit | Annezlovski

Not sure what the purpose of this sign really is, but whatever "wife exit" means, this couple is doing it right.

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3. "The girlfriend asked me to shovel a path to the garage."

Reddit | DangerSaurus

Y'know, the divorce rate in the US is around 50% these days. I'm not saying this is why it's so high...but I'm not not saying that either.

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4. Game designers know how desperate their fans become to see sneak peaks of their upcoming launches.

Reddit | mrissaoussama

So, this is actually the ultimate troll. 'Cause when @xZelas gets that notification, they're gonna go from stoked to sad in a matter of seconds.

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5. "Just doing what my wife asked."

Reddit | timelymanner85

Let's just circle back to #3 real quick. Why do y'all want your wives to suffer so much? SMH the patriarchy lives on.

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6. This is what happens when you demand artistic feats from a barista.

Reddit | windrage2738381

That's not shade, that's kudos — 'cause this sign is so simple, and yet meta AF.

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7. "Asked my husband to put the pillowcases on the pillows."

Reddit | Reddit

I'm not saying there's a certain identifiable pattern, but I am saying that husbands need to step it up a smidgen.

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8. "Boss said I wasn’t using enough Wet Floor signs while mopping."

Reddit | SadGravel

So, naturally, the correct response is to make sure there is a sign in every visible area. That'll do.

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9. "In Indiana, bars have to serve food."

Reddit | birrdieface

Yeah, uh, can I get a powdered milk on the rocks — obviously shaken, not stirred.

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10. Starbucks is notorious for not knowing anything about the art of name-spelling.

Reddit | TheBurningSoda

So, are we surprised? No. But we are glad they can take directions pretty well.

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11. Thinking outside the box is something most adults struggle with. 

Reddit | daltasuar

But when you're a kid, you just interpret everything in your own way.

#NoFilter vibes, but in real life.

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12. I love this song! Google Assistant knows us so well.

Reddit | george_s_4

It's always nice to hear your name spoken out loud. Or "my name" typed out — same difference, right folks?

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13. Whether this was a person or an automated machine, they still crushed it.

Reddit | Reddit

Sometimes doing your job accurately makes people mad. Let the haters hate!

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14. It might not be a sharp object, but it's still the Sharpie-est of them all.

Reddit | Reddit

And judging by that pun, I am not the Sharpie-est tool in the shed.

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15. Domino's is straight-up savage AF for this. 

Reddit | SefetAkunosh

I mean, technically it is a joke, and it is funny. But at what cost, aside from $11.24 for a medium, single-topping 'za? AT WHAT COST?!

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16. People really love to truly commit to jokes, huh. 

Reddit | Flightorfighter

I mean, he's well within his rights to follow the sign's instructions. I guess.

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