16 Excellent Reasons To Not Explore Nature

Diply 8 Mar 2018

It's easy to pop on Instagram and find beautiful pics of the landscapes that nature lovers, well, fell in love with. They're all over the place.

But there's a more sinister thread you can follow on Reddit and it shows a much darker side of nature walks. Folks find the weirdest, grimmest, downright creepiest things when they're out in nature. Frankly, it makes me appreciate the comfort of my couch that much more.

1. Just a few elk having a nice, relaxing rest in a snowstorm. Nothing to worry about, right?

Reddit | alexdelia

Then you see the reflections off all those other eyes in the background, and they're all looking right at you...

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2. You know, R.E.M. sure made night swimming sound like a good time, but this might change their opinion.

Reddit | SeriesOfAdjectives

It sure changed mine. Not going anywhere near the ocean when the sun isn't up now.

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3. Speaking of dangers in the dark, how about eyes that don't glow back at you?

Reddit | siglvii

Sure owls are all friendly and fun in Harry Potter, but now you're on his turf. That owl means business.

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4. Pretty sure this isn't a natural formation.

Reddit | ettyer

Which means someone put it there on purpose. What purpose, I have no idea, but it would be just about the last thing I'd want to see on a hike.

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5. Somebody abandoned a whole heap of baby dolls in the woods.

Reddit | RipperM

Not creepy at all. I totally wouldn't back away and head immediately for home after stumbling across these things.

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6. As if that wasn't bad enough, whoever put these statues just below the surface has a special place in hell waiting for them.

Reddit | v2thaj

This is going to be in my nightmares tonight.

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7. Speaking of dolls, just wait until a colony of wasps moves into one.

Reddit | Dan-68

There's a horror show you never thought you'd see, amirite? They can keep that doll. They've clearly claimed it, fair and square.

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8. So you're walking through the woods one day for a peaceful stroll, and you round a bend and find a very rectangular depression under the snow.

Reddit | caraut

I'm not saying somebody dug that on purpose, but somebody dug that on purpose, and it sure looks like a grave.

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9. Nature can be just as scary when you're not even out there — check out what this trail cam caught one night.

Reddit | ParalyzedOlympian

If that's a scarecrow, it's going to scare a whole lot more than just crows.

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10. If a tortured soul was ever reborn as a tree, it was reborn as this tree in particular.

Imgur | RobinPeterson

The wails of agony are written all over its trunk. Definitely not something I'd want to find!

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11. It doesn't have to be Christmas for some folks to decorate a tree.

Reddit | Mizzer902

Although I wouldn't want to open any presents I found under this thing, and the tree topper definitely leaves something to be desired...

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12. Okay, I know this is probably artwork, and it's well done artwork, too. But I also fear it's artwork dedicated to worshiping some True Detective-esque swamp king.

Reddit | punksneverdie

In which case, time to go.

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13. Finding remnants of a civilization that has been reclaimed by nature is just spooky.

Reddit | loimprevisto

Finding a legit gingerbread house that has been abandoned? Nah, that has to be a witch's house. Gotta be.

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14. Speaking of which, just imagine emerging from a forest to find this view in a spot you thought was relatively safe. 

Reddit | zesty_ranch

Welp, back to the woods for me! I know how this movie ends!

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15. Likewise, spotting this house under construction across a lake would prompt a call to the authorities.

Reddit | Baron_Wobblyhorse

It's hard to see, I know, but that's "Help Me" written above the big window.

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16. There's something weirdly inviting about an abandoned train tunnel, even though it's clearly spooky.

Reddit | ethan_kahn

Not that I would accept such an invitation, by any means — that's just asking for trouble.

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