21+ Randomly Interesting Pics To Cure A Little Boredom

Diply 18 Oct 2018

Let's face it, you're going to encounter boredom at some point in your life. It's right up there with death and taxes. Even if you keep motivated, you're going to find quiet moments when nothing's going on and you just don't know what to do with yourself.

But boredom can be useful! It's when the mind picks away at the corners of things and finds ways to dismiss the things that don't interest you so you can focus on the things you are really passionate about.

It's actually a creative thing, so hang in there, check out these interesting pics, and see what happens.

1. This old bank was turned into a gym, of all things.

Reddit | BoomShakaLakka

It must feel surreal to walk through a huge bank vault door to get into your spin class — and almost make you wonder if you're going to get out again.

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2. You almost don't even notice what's strange until you look more closely at that window on the right.

Reddit | Akko-

Because it was very skillfully painted on — it's not actually a real window.

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3. You have to think that this candle was designed to melt in such a cool pattern.

Reddit | makeamoveornot

But then, even if it was, it's still an awesome effect, and must be even better in person.

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4. It's nice to be part of nature and all, but I think this driver would rather a squirrel hadn't chosen his van for winter nut storage.

Reddit | rrsafety

But hey, that squirrel has been busy.

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5. If you're going to line edges in public areas with things to stop skateboarders from grinding them, you could do worse than making them look nice.

Reddit | hylajuggler

The marine life are in keeping with the waterfront theme — think the ridges in the background need to be updated though.

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6. A pair of deer show off their urban navigation skills, actually using a crosswalk how it's intended to be used. 

Reddit | lesmax

Which is more than we can say for a lot of humans, to be honest.

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7. I know, it looks like this backpack has no reflection, but it's neither a ghost backpack nor a vampire backpack.

Reddit | sedarco

It's just that it's not in front of a mirror — that's a pane of glass looking into an identical room next door.

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8. If you've ever wondered how trains are kept clean, wonder no more.

Reddit | Ec22er

Turns out they have an automatic washer just like a car wash, only bigger, although they're likely used more for passenger trains than freight trains.

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9. Here's an idea for an ornamental garden I never would have thought of that turned out beautifully: planting a tree to grow around a large vase.

Reddit | HorrificHog

Not sure how long it will stay that pretty, but it's nice right now!

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10. Okay, I'd be alarmed to see my front lawn covered in spider webs — and actually even more so upon learning they're not spiderwebs.

Reddit | Reddit

Those webs are actually from a fungus — dollar spot fungus — and in this case, a whole lot of it.

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11. Pigeons can be kept as pets despite their well known penchant for, um, messing everywhere, as this handsome fellow proves.

Reddit | exceptionally-salty

He's wearing custom-made pigeon pants that he can even fly around in.

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12. Riding behind this truck, you also might have taken a pic when you noticed the perfectly straight ladder casting a wildly crooked shadow.

Reddit | bpcity81

However, most likely that ladder isn't so straight from the side, and the door looks fairly banged up as well.

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13. Here's something else you'd never expect to see out on the road: a couple having a dinner date on an overpass.

Reddit | Paper_McGibblets

That spot must hold some particularly special meaning for them, right?

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14. You can stay in a hotel where the front counter staff are velociraptor robots.

Reddit | idlewildgirl

You have to go to Japan, but it exists: the Henn na Hotel in Tokyo Bay.

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15. In a strangely perfect balance, these garbage bins refuse to let each other fall over.

Reddit | CrayCrayBanaynay1

Read into it what you will, but there's a beautiful harmony about this scene that can't be denied.

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16. Believe it or not, this plastic mess was supposed to be a mug.

Reddit | shrillcoolman33

This is what happens when 3D printing goes terribly, terribly wrong. The future isn't perfect, folks!

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17. It's not uncommon to see snow shadows, where snow stays on the ground where the sun doesn't warm it, but such a perfect chair shape has to be rare to see.

Reddit | orbollyorb

But it wouldn't have lasted long!

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18. We ask a lot of police horses, sending them into unusual and often frightening situations. This is one way they train for those situations.

Reddit | sgtpepper_spray

Chances are, that horse will encounter at least a few inflatable T. Rexes in its service career, too.

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19. You sometimes find weird things in your change, but a penny with a Freemasonry stamp on it is almost unheard of.

Reddit | lukainingangin

Turns out it's a symbolic thing given to new Masons to remind them to be charitable.

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20. What I find most remarkable about this picture isn't that the fire that consumed this pole was put out before it could burn the whole thing up.

Reddit | Ickidarus

It's that the lines aren't sagging — just goes to show what kind of tension they're under.

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21. Sorry if this enters your nightmares, but it was just too interesting to see the inner workings of the Stitch animatronic at DisneyWorld.

Reddit | SubstituteHero

Interesting, but yeah, pretty terrifying at the same time.

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22. It's legit to question how this hallway was textured with such consistent and lifelike ripples.

Reddit | Theosophec

A better question would be why, however. It makes me a little ill just looking at it, never mind walking down it.

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23. This tree effectively grew its own handle when a branch tried to grow out and then decided to grow back into the trunk.

Reddit | thernokkk

At least, that's the only thing that explains this, as far as I can tell.

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24. You know you've got a solid bathroom design when it matches the one on a bleach bottle.

Reddit | hobbyanimal

It's uncanny, like someone took a pic of that bathroom and used it for the bleach bottle.

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