Random Lifehacks That'll Impress Everyone In Your Life

Diply 10 Oct 2018

Have you missed me? Have you even noticed I've been gone? Probably not, but I'm back after a bit of traveling to share some more lifehacks with you.

I've come to realize that having an arsenal of lifehacks in my back pocket has both made me a valuable member of my friend group and also the most annoying person in my group. Pretty much every day I'm sharing some sort of new hack I've learned about. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad, and sometimes they're just plain funny.

1. If you aren't ready to part with your favorite Lego pieces from your childhood, I honestly can't blame you.

Reddit | Mar1aAW

Here's a really cute way to show off your favorite Lego men and women while organizing your desk all at once!

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2. These little scoops are super useful in the kitchen, and for more than just melons!

Reddit | katekowalski2014

A melon baller might be most commonly used to scoop delicious pieces of melon, but you could totally use it in other creative ways in your kitchen, like with avocados.

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3. Honestly, hair elastics might be the most useful thing a long-haired human can own.

Imgur | Imgur

They're basically elastic bands that people with long hair always have on hand. You can use them pretty much exactly like you'd use an elastic band, except you know someone is going to have one readily available pretty much all the time.

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4. You know those wine bags with pockets so your wine bottles don't smash together? They're useful for things other than wine!

Reddit | redheadedmama24

Next time you're moving, think about taking a look at that ridiculous collection of reusable grocery bags that you have under your sink. They might actually come in handy!

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5. Cut your bottles in half to get the most out of the product inside.

Reddit | MosYEETo

If you're all about saving some money like me, this is definitely something you should try!

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6. For the last little while, I've been all about meal prepping!

Reddit | KittyCannes

But, sometimes you make food that just doesn't work with traditional containers. I love the idea of saving these types of takeout containers, they're perfect for my meal prepping!

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7. I love this mouse trap hack that comes from Reddit!

Reddit | FluffinatorFluffins

If you want a humane way to catch mice, try using a really tall garbage can and baiting them with food. Just make sure to leave a ramp so they can get into the can, but not out of it!

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8. It's been a long time since I had to read a textbook, but this hack is actually pretty smart.

Reddit | sqyoung625

I imagine it would also be super useful in the kitchen with a cookbook, too!

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9. Reddit loves a good pool noodle hack, and so do I!

Reddit | Reddit

I've seen them used quite a bit as a way to stop people from hurting themselves. This one is for the edge of your bed, a place I know people whack their shins off of all the time.

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10. I thought this was kind of ridiculous, but then I saw it a couple of times on Reddit.

Reddit | eddie11240

I guess it does make sense. Trying to scoop ice cream while holding the cone at the same time can be difficult. I've had one too many waffle cones sacrificed for that very reason.

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11. Everyone on Reddit seems to have a solution for fixing frayed charging cord cables, but I love this one the most!

Reddit | hahnatelier

Some people use shrink wrap, but I think braided leather is so much prettier!

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12. As someone who just spent 6+ hours on a flight behind a screaming baby, I would very much have appreciated this.

Reddit | why-odd-numbers

Note to self when I have kids and want to travel: A small gesture goes a long way.

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13. "If you bought awarranty on an item and don’t want to lose it, stick the papers under the item."


This Reddit user shared a piece of wisdom that seems so simple, yet not obvious at all!

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14. Next time you drop something tiny, don't try and catch it!


A Reddit user suggests simply watching the item very carefully to see where it lands. If you try and catch it, you might swat it away to somewhere you'll never find it again!

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15. While I thought this next hack was obvious, apparently it isn't.

Quora | Quora

Next time you go on a flight, bring an empty water bottle through security. No one wants to pay $5 for a bottle on the flight or in the airport! Thanks to sozh on Reddit for this one.

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16. Glow sticks might be fun for parties, but have you ever thought of tossing some in your emergency kits?


GrinningToad uses glow sticks as lights in emergencies. They're inexpensive and easy to use, and last for quite some time!

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17. I know people who refuse to use real bottle openers and instead use random things to take off lids.

Reddit | Albert Dumblestein

This isn't actually the worst attempt I've seen, so it's going on this list for sheer creativity.

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18. We use baking soda in the fridge to get rid of weird smells, so why not other places, too?

Replicawatche | Replicawatche

BrotherBringTheSun suggests putting a box of baking soda in your car to get rid of odors, too!

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19. Every time I see this hack, I think it's kind of silly. 

Twitter | @Nicole_Cliffe

EXCEPT, then this past week I was at an AirBnB and the curtains wouldn't stay shut. In that moment I wished I had a pants hanger to do just this.

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20. People who love plants will do the strangest things to keep their babies healthy and well.

Twitter | @daviddomoney

Including using the water from hard boiled eggs to water their plants with! Apparently, the calcium from the water makes them supppper happy.

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21. Have you noticed that as you get older, you've started to like foods you used to hate?


LunarLadybug recommends trying new foods as you age. You never know how your tastebuds will change and what foods you'll end up liking as a result.

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22. Who doesn't love adding some tasty Coffee-mate to their morning cuppa jo?

Twitter | @realDGMason

Well, it turns out there's some not so great stuff in there. Why not try making your own?

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23. Sometimes, a normal water bottle or coffee mug just isn't what you need.

Twitter | @sharky_96

Personally, I find drinking out of a straw to mean I drink much more. So, I'm here for the fact that a McDonald's lid and straw can fit onto certain Yeti cups!

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24. Next time you need a cold drink in a hurry, try this hack out for size!

Twitter | @cracked

No one wants to drink warm beer or soda! I really hope this hack works, because I need it in my life.

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