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15 Random Hacks That Are Actually Pretty Freaking Genius

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I'm back with another list full of pretty freaking genius hacks. I've compiled a bunch of my favorite hacks from across the internet to help you out in your daily life.

Whether you need to figure out how to get the gross AF grime off your bathtub or you need a way to reheat your pizza, I've got a hack for you.

Are you excited to see what I've got in store for you?!

1. Use Hooks To Keep Your Garbage Bag From Falling In

Reddit | xarcastic

I have this problem a lot! The garbage bag gets too heavy and falls off the can, but this solution would definitely help.

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2. A Water Bottle Will Help Separate Egg Yolks

The House By The Sea | The House By The Sea

This is the perfect hack if you want to make the perfect eggs Benny this weekend. Actually, that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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3. Squish Pesky Bugs With A Lint Roller

Reddit | silentwail

If you hate the feeling of squishing a bug with a newspaper or toilet paper, this might be the hack for you. It gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

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4. Tidy Your Makeup In An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer 

One Creative Housewife | One Creative Housewife

I like to pretend I don't own enough makeup to need something like this, but to be completely honest, I probably do.

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5. Dish Soap & A Broom Will Get Rid Of Bathtub Grime

One Good Thing By Jillie | One Good Thing By Jillie

Dish soap is pretty ballin' when it comes to cleaning up gross grime on tons of surfaces. Using a broom makes it even easier to get it spic-and-span.

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6. Stack Your Shirts Vertically In The Drawers

Imgur | IChangeMyUsernameDaily

I'm 100% more likely to wear something if it's at the top of my drawer. By doing this, I might actually wear all the shirts I've had for years.

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7. Put A Wooden Spoon Over Your Pot

A Small Snippet | A Small Snippet

This will help prevent the boiling water from overflowing, and will save you from making a huge mess in the kitchen (and possibly from some bad burns, too).

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8. Put Garlic In Your Nail Polish To Strength Your Nails

Vivala | Vivala

Apparently, this is a little-known beauty hack used by many women from the Dominican Republic! If it actually works, I need to give it a try.

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9. Use Rubber Car Mats When Stuck In The Snow

eBay | eBay

Next time you find yourself unable to get out of your driveway, grab rubber mats from inside the car to help you get out.

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10. Use Dish Soap To Clean Your Tire Rims

Men Clean | Men Clean

It's not just bathtubs and hands that this stuff can get clean. Grease and grime disappear completely when you use dish soap to fight through them.

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11. Use Water To Keep Your Pizza Crust From Getting Chewy

Pinterest | Pinterest

I love cold pizza, but sometimes you just want to heat your leftovers up in the microwave. The resulting chewy consistency is gross AF, so if this works, it's genius!

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12. Use A Sponge In A Ziploc Bag As An Icepack

Reddit | randomusefulbits

If you don't have any proper ice packs on hand, using ice cubes and frozen vegetables to soothe a sore muscle usually ends in a mess. This is a much better idea!

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13. Turn Your Bra's Underwire Into Jewelry

The Little Treasures | The Little Treasures

This might seem a tad bit crazy, but if you can turn the most annoying part of a bra into something beautiful, I'm sold.

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14. Add Hot Glue To Shoes For More Traction

Instagram | Instagram

As the soles of your shoes start to wear away, dancing the night away like in Footloose might turn into a disaster. Hot glue works in a pinch to save your soles.

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15. Use A Second Taco To Catch All The Drippings

Reddit | iAreOhBee

It's nearly impossible to eat a taco and not drip some of the insides all over the place. I usually use a fork to eat the leftovers, but honestly, a second taco sounds genius.

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So, which of these random hacks are you going to try this week?!

Giphy | Giphy

COMMENT to let us know which ones are your favorite, or if you have any you want to add!

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