15 Random DIY Projects For A Better Day

Diply 2 Oct 2017

In my opinion, you don't need a special occasion to spend some time DIYing. I know a lot of people get into crafting during the holidays, but in my world, it's something that's done in some way, shape, or form pretty much every day.

If you're like me and are constantly looking for some sort of project to work on no matter what time of year it is, check out the list of ideas below.

1. Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Something Turquoise | Something Turquoise

The number of ideas that are floating around out there for crafting with mason jars is pretty crazy, but I can't get enough! Who wouldn't want to receive a set of these personalized coasters as a gift?

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2. Fall Succulent Planter

Maison de Pax | Maison de Pax

Fall is my favorite season, so my DIYing gets taken to a whole new level that time of year. What I love about these planters is they aren't screaming "Halloween," so they can easily be displayed in your home for months at a time.

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3. Initial String Art

Fresh Crush | Fresh Crush

This type of artwork is great for DIYers of any skill level. You can create pretty much any design you want, and the materials you need to get the job done are extremely inexpensive.

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4. Watercolor Curtains

Hydrangea Hippo | Hydrangea Hippo

Feel like turning your space into a whimsical wonderland? These watercolor curtains are a quick and easy way to give any room in your home a splash of color and whimsy.

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5. Boho Fringe Chandelier

Hometalk | Rachel Metz

You can't go wrong with boho-inspired decor, and this gorgeous chandelier proves that. Seriously, how cute would this look in your child's nursery or your office space?

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6. Porch Light Decoration

In My Own Style | In My Own Style

I've always wondered how my neighbors are able to get their front porches to look so perfect during the holidays. Well, now that I've seen how this porch light piece is made, I think I'll be one step closer to keeping up with them this year!

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7. Indoor Herb Planter

Grillo Designs | Grillo Designs

Even though I don't have a green thumb, I still enjoy having fresh herbs in my kitchen. The problem is I've never been able to find a way of displaying them that I genuinely like — until now!

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8. Bottle Pumpkins

Sadie Seasongoods | Sadie Seasongoods

When it comes to crafting, there's nothing a can of spray paint and a little bit of imagination can't do. These bottle pumpkins would be perfect for your fall tablescape.

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9. Painted Feathers

BLDG 25 | BLDG 25

Even though feathers are pretty enough on their own, some paint and creativity can really take them to the next level. You can use these in a bunch of different places, including mobiles, hats, and artwork.

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10. Christmas Ornament Wreath

Delightfully Noted | Delightfully Noted

I don't know about you, but I have way too many Christmas ornaments — every year I end up leaving half of them in storage because there just isn't enough room on our tree. I think I may have to give this wreath idea a try to put more of them to use this year!

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11. Shibori-Inspired Picnic Blanket

Zest It Up | Zest It Up

I don't care how old you are, you're never too old for tie-dye! The type of design created for this blanket is actually done using an ancient Japanese technique that involves folding and binding fabric in various ways to create gorgeous patterns.

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12. Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments

One Little Project | One Little Project

I made a bunch of these a few years ago and gave them to family for Christmas. It's so nice to see them hanging on everyone's tree year after year!

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13. DIY Floral Hoop Wreath

Less-Than-Perfect Life Of Bliss | Less-Than-Perfect Life Of Bliss

The next time you find yourself browsing the aisles of your local craft store, grab a large embroidery hoop, some faux greenery, and whip up one of these pretty things for yourself.

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14. Unicorn Pencil Holder

Madmoisell | Madmoisell

Some of my favorite DIY projects involve using things I already have in my home, and this magical unicorn pencil holder proves how amazing upcycling can be.

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15. Wood Cake Stand

Making It In The Mountains | Making It In The Mountains

Whether you're decorating for a wedding or just want to add a touch of farmhouse charm to your kitchen, this homemade cake stand is the perfect project to try.

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Experiment with these crafts and let us know how they turn out in the COMMENTS.


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