Put That Rubber Band Ball To Use With These Easy Lifehacks

Diply 13 Sep 2018

My favorite lifehacks are the ones that require zero extra cost or effort on my part. If I can find a use for something from my overflowing junk drawer, it's even better.

Rubber bands are one of those things that I always seem to be finding uses for, which is awesome because they seem to be multiplying throughout my house. The more ridiculously simple ways I can use them, the better.

1. Prevent a door from latching.

YouTube | WonderRai

Whether you're carrying multiple items in and out of the room or are a parent of a mischievous child, sometimes you just want to make sure a door can't latch. A rubber band twisted over the latch and attached to the doorknobs will do the trick.

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2. Keep a mixing spoon from slipping into the hot pot of food.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

There's nothing like pausing your stirring to grab the next ingredient only to find your spoon has slid down right into the boiling pot. A rubber band wrapped around the end of the handle will add enough friction to stop the slide, making cooking way easier.

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3. Keep track of whose drink belongs to whom with colorful rubber bands.

She Wears Many Hats | She Wears Many Hats

Sure, people sell charms and stuff for marking glasses, but why add yet another thing to your junk drawer? For smaller gatherings, give each glass its own color. If the gathering grows beyond the spectrum, you can double up for more combinations.

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4. Get a better grip when opening stubborn jars. 

Reddit | cclementi6

Even if you've got the upper body strength to open most jars, sometimes they get overtightened or are too slippery to get a good grip. No need to get a special tool, just wrap a wide rubber band around the lid.

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5. Stop shirts from slipping off their hangers. 

Reddit | Thesteelman86

Tops with wider necklines or flimsier fabrics just can't seem to stay on their hangers. I'm constantly picking them up off the closet floor. Next time, I'm going to wrap a rubber band or two around each side of the hanger to prevent it from happening again.

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6. Cut asparagus easily by leaving the rubber bands on.

Reddit | itschrisolson

That way you can cut the ends off the entire bunch at once without having them roll all over the counter.

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7. Keep your shower caddy in its place.

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Shower caddies are handy, especially in smaller stalls, but depending on the shape of your shower head, they sometimes like to slip. Wrapping a rubber band around the pipe will hold it where you need it.

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8. Use less hand soap and prevent your kids from making a mess.

Reddit | NLS83

A rubber band wrapped around the neck of the pump will prevent it from being pushed down all the way.

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9. A rubber band will erase pencil in a pinch.

Instructables | zjf

Which makes sense, since most erasers are also made of rubber. You can also use a piece of bread as an eraser if you need to.

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10. Prevent a loose charging plug from falling out of your phone.

Reddit | MonkyThrowPoop

Whether it's because your tech is showing its age or because you bought your cord at the dollar store, sometimes they just don't want to stay plugged in. Stop risking a bad charge by attaching a rubber band to the cable. While charging, just stretch the band around your phone to hold them together.

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11. Mark your starter's container so that you know when it has doubled.

Pinterest | Pinterest

And share the resulting loaf of tasty sourdough with your friendly neighborhood Diply writer, kthnx!

You can also use this to know when your dough has proofed enough.

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12. Fix a broken flip-flop when you're out and about.

Reddit | ifoundtheidiot

It'll hold everything together long enough for you to get home or to find a place nearby to buy new footwear.

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13. Keep apple slices from browning by holding them in their original apple shape.

Reddit | Sciense

It's exposure to the air that causes that browning, so this trick limits the amount of air that can get to the slices. Perfect for picky kids' lunches.

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14. Dock your phone in any car.

Reddit | juririm

Some dashboards don't have a place for a dock, or maybe you need one rarely enough to make it worth the expense. A rubber band stretched through the vent will hold your phone up where you can see it.

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15. Hold your take-out containers open.

Reddit | Raidicus

I'm only okay with chopsticks. Sure, I could use a fork, but I want to practice. This trick keeps the flaps of the container from making it harder than it needs to be.

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16. Need a way to store them besides tangled in a drawer? Try a binder ring.

Reddit | uberschnitzel13

This is a great alternative to the classic rubber band ball. It's easy to add and remove the bands as needed and they won't tangle.

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