9+ Pumpkin Spice Beauty Products Perfect For The Basic In You

Diply 12 Oct 2018

Fall is the season us beauty lovers can finally step out of the air conditioning and into the outside world again.

The muggy, humid days of summer are over, which means we can actually attempt to look cute again, thank GAWD.

And what better way to celebrate the fall than with these some gorgeous pumpkin spice-themed beauty products? Embrace your basic and get in the pumpkin spice mood, hunnies!

1. Okay, hi pumpkins and 24k magic in the air!!!!

Too Cool For School | Too Cool For School

What combo could be bougier than this Too Cool For School Pumpkin 24k Gold mask?! It's time to say goodbye to sweaty summer skin and say hello to jack-o-lantern realness.

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2. Pumpkin spice lattes are to die for, so why not indulge in a sugar-free latte-themed eyeshadow palette?

Dominique Cosmetics | Dominique Cosmetics

This warm Latte palette from Dominique Cosmetics is sure to make you look extra sweet this fall, just in time for CUFFING SEASON!

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3. In the fall, our highlighter gets extra fleeky. 

Sydney Grace | Sydney Grace

This stunning Pumpkin Spice Latte loose highlighter powder by indie makeup brand Sydney Grace is perfect for those apple picking Insta pics I already know your planning on taking!

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4. Marlena Stell is a YouTube Stan, and her makeup collection is no exception.

Instagram | @buacorner

Makeup Geek's wonderfully named Pumpkin Spice palette gives us beauty lovers the ultimate blend of creamy mattes and shimmery metallics, perfect for blinding your nosey relatives at Thanksgiving dinner!

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5. Speaking of Thanksgiving dinner, I want my lip color to last through at least three helpings of turkey and mashed potatoes.

Morphe | Morphe

This Morphe liquid lipstick in the shade Spicy (pumpkin spice) is sure to hold up against even against the greasiest of gravies!

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This fabulous liquid lip will also be sure tostay put while you drink your third extra hot pumpkin spice latte of the day.


It's a limited edition drink, okay? Let us LIVE!

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6. Combat your skin blues with this Pumpkin Enzyme mask from Peter Thomas Roth!

Twitter | @SS_5659

Hi, pumpkin spice! Hi, gorgeous skin! And thank you, Peter Thomas Roth for making my pumpkin spice face mask dreams come true.

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7. We love an indie makeup brand with the perfect, warm-toned eyeshadow palette!

Instagram | @peachyqueenblog

These stunning colors in Peachy Queen's Pumpkin Spice palette make me want to wrap myself in a plaid flannel and sit by a crackling fire for the next six weeks!

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8. Have you ever been so in love with a lip color before?!

Sugarpill | Sugarpill

Called "Pumpkin Spice's flamboyant cousin," Sugarpill knows this metallic liquid lip color in Treat is essential for looking like a true Halloween snack!

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9. Too Faced came out with this limited edition Pumpkin Spice palette just for fall and I am...quaking. 

Instagram | @thebeauty_rn

There's no such thing as too many warm, neutral eyeshadow palettes, okay? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST!

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10. And if it isn't enough to have pumpkin spice on your eyes and lips, rub pumpkin spice all over your body! 

Instagram | @bathandbodyworks

Thanks to Bath and Body Works, you can smell like Pumpkin Spice all day long! Just rub a li'l of this Marshmallow Pumpkin Spice Latte lotion on ya.

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11. Tarte's Toasted eyeshadow palette already has my heart. Like, if fall was an eyeshadow palette, this would be it!

Tarte | Tarte

So, like, will this Tarte palette transport me to a pumpkin patch, or???

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12. Fenty Beauty is perfect all year 'round, 'cause Rihanna is perfect all year 'round, ya feel?

Instagram | @martagduque

This Killawatt highlighter duo in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule is perfect for the face, the eyes, and the FALL!

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13. Lush bath bombs always have me feeling some kind of way, but this? HEAVEN!

Twitter | @hannatalks

But, like, who wouldn't want to bathe in a glittery pumpkin patch? I KNOW I DO! I'mma buy this sparkly pumpkin bath bomb right away 'cause it's worth every cent!

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14. Beauty sleep is key in the fall. Pumpkins can't carve themselves! 

Too Cool For School | Too Cool For School

This Too Cool For School Sleeping Pack ensures you'll wake up with beautiful skin, even after you've eaten an entire box of fun-sized Mars bars!!

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15. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my LIP CONTOUR.

Huda Beauty | Huda Beauty

This Huda Beauty lip contour in the shade Spice Girl is serving all the looks we'll need this pumpkin spice season, amirite ladies?!

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