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16 Pretty Interesting Inventions — We Couldn’t Help But Say, ‘Huh, That’s Neat’

Diply 24 Apr 2018

Necessity is the mother of invention but the jury's out on the father. Some say it's Play and others Laziness. What's clear is that not all new ideas are born out of some driving, desperate need for something better. Sometimes they're inspirational game changers, but often they're just clever hacks or new ways of dealing with common frustrations.

1. Down and depressed? These white Skittles are for you

Reddit | UnpurePurist

Each one is blanker than the next, the candy-coated manifestation of the nothingness inside of you as you go through the motions on another dreary, disconsolate day. At least they still taste fruity.

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2. This concert bracelet will soon be a garden bursting into life

Reddit | RealSushiSandwiches

Bring it home and plant it on your back stoop so you'll always have those California wildflowers to remind you of that time you got a vicious sunburn listening to mediocre music at inflated prices.

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3. Why be exclusionary with a separate ramp when you can make wheelchair access an integral part of the staircase?

Reddit | DavidMaspanka

It's a novel idea both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It should be replicated wherever possible because it's a simple fix that brings people together instead of driving them apart.

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4. For those about to poop, we salute you

Reddit | mikieliza

Some cutting-edge Japanese bathrooms have these controls so you can play music to conceal the curious noises you might make while doing your business. This has no doubt saved more than a few relationships. Check out that power deodorizer button!

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5. Water won't get in the way of this surveillance footage

Reddit | ducktapeninja

Taking a page from Elton John's famous windshield-wiper sunglasses, this camera in a car wash is outfitted with a blade to keep the screen free of water droplets and soap suds.

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6. Soar through this airport with this plane's-eye view carpet

Reddit | idealdreams

As ideas go, this is a good one. It meshes perfectly with the airport theme and might even help some unsteady travelers combat their air sickness. This carpet is at the Sacramento International Airport.

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7. These channels for your bicycle tires make stairs a breeze

Reddit | ebtink

You don't see it very often in North America, but it's popular in Europe where cycling is celebrated and not dismissed as a radical mode of transport for tree-hugging anarchists who can't afford a car.

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8. The money you're losing on solar power is nothing compared to the blessings you're in store to receive

Reddit | DuvenOfficial

This clever cross design on the roof of a church takes the space of 12 solar panels that would otherwise be generating power. Church officials are clearly more concerned with a higher power.

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9. "Hey farmer farmer, Put away that D.D.T. now, Give me spots on my apples, But leave me the birds and the bees"

Reddit | Goddieu

How do you like them apples? Singer Joni Mitchell would definitely approve of these misshapen pieces of fruit, which are weird and warped to their core.

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10. A Dog's Life: This doggy door is functional and lots of fun

Reddit | generalofpros

This clever hack lets the dog leave and enter this house at will and it also lets them enjoy a little slide on their way outside.

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11. We're not sure we'd have the guts to give these Haggis-flavoured chips a try

Reddit | TechTac

The Scottish delicacy, which is assorted sheep organs stuffed into a sheep stomach, is not for the faint of heart. It's the stuff of poetry, sure, but we're still not sold.

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12. They are missing the panel with the black, oozing bananas that are only good for attracting fruit flies

Reddit | OneMensTrash

Those are generally the ones in the bowl on my counter. I buy bananas with such good intentions, but real life always gets in the way.

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13. This dog is running around reseeding a forest razed by fire

Reddit | aksumighty

Border Collies in Chile have been trained for this task and outfitted with special backpacks that release native plant seeds. That's one happy dog!

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14. Forget about Levis, try these MacGyver jeans on for size

Reddit | lipefleming

A guy asked his sister to dry his pants while he got dressed and, voila, she came up with this. Just imagine what she could do with duct tape.

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15. The scary thing is this was actually filled at one point

Reddit | kess128

Now it's like a frat house after a keg party, with remnants from the night before scattered, broken and forgotten. There's still some beer left in those kegs, but it's pretty flat and skunky by now.

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16. Even a bad book's better than making eye contact with that heavy breathing dude with the beard and the ferret

Reddit | YamhillScrub

This subway car in Seoul has a mini library for commuters. It also has hardwood floors. Classy.

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