I get it, not everyone loves glitter. It might actually be one of the most hated craft supplies known to man.

But just because you don't love glitter doesn't mean you can't love to craft! There are tons of great DIYs that don't involve the shiny stuff, and you can totally give them a shot. 

I don't hate glitter myself, but I will admit it's pretty darn messy. So, I'm totally up for the challenge to try some of these!


1. I'm a huge fan of using vinyl to update my existing furniture and accessories, but I've never tried something like this. 

A Kailo Chic Life created a bunch of circle cutouts with vinyl and used them to upgrade the mirrors in her home. 

I am obsessed with the colors that Kara used on these mirrors!

This is definitely a simple way to add a bunch of color to your walls.

This could work really well if you're renting your home, too!


2. I love a good clothing upcycle, especially if it's also pretty darn easy.

That's what I love most about Love Maegan's tassel heels! It was super simple for her to use some glue to add some tassels to them.

How stunning and chic are these heels?!

Adding some tassels to your shoes is the perfect clothing hack

I can't wait to try this next summer! I'll definitely feel a little bit more chic on the street with these bad boys.


3. I used to use beads all the time to create fun accessories and jewelry, but never used them for home decor.

Using beads and hot glue, Enthralling Gumption created some beautiful items for her home.

I love the unique use of beads for this project!

I would definitely be proud to use these at any upcoming parties at my place! Maybe I'd actually tell people to use costers if they looked this good.


4. I've tried my hand at paint pouring a couple of times, and it may be messy, but it's also a ton of fun.

You'll definitely get addicted to it once you get started!

I've done paintings before, but I was also inspired by Purely Katie to give this a try too!

How cute is this paint poured planter?! I love the funky mix of colors.


5. I love creating pillows for my living room, especially if it means adding pops of color to it!

So when I saw Flamingo Toes' watercolor pillow, I knew I had to add it to this list.

Watercolor is definitely super trendy right now, and it gives you the opportunity to get creative with paint.

How beautiful is this terrarium painting? I bet it would look fantastic in any living space.


6. I've always found charging plates to be beautiful, but they can get really expensive if you want something unique.

Which is why I love how Making Home Base used chalk paint to give her charging plates a unique look!

How beautiful do these striped plates look paired with the bright teal and pretty blue accessories?

This is definitely the style of place settings I would love to have in my dining room! I'd never put them away.


7. Speaking of dining rooms, do you use trivets for your hot dishes?

I always forget about them, but they're certainly important for keeping wooden tables and countertops safe from the heat.

I love how Shrimp Salad Circus used yarn to create this pretty woven trivet!

And I really, really love how she dip-dyed it in a pretty bluish-purple color.


8. You might have seen my DIY last-minute Halloween costumes article where I used felt to create a flower for my cactus. 

Sarah Hearts used felt to create a variety of faux succulents.

Then, she added those succulents to a simple gold hoop.

And the result is an absolutely stunning wreath that is both modern and minimalist and perfect all year 'round. I'm obsessed!


9. A really simple way to update any kind of fabric is to toss it into a dye bath.

The Crafted Life wanted to give some her bed sheets a millennial pink makeover, and did so with some fabric dye!

How pretty are these sheets with the rest of her bedspread?

When I went to university, I did a similar project and created some pink and red sheets for my bed. I love this idea!


10. I've only just started to play around with clay, but I am excited to do some more with it!

One thing I'd love to create is jewelry! I've seen so many bloggers do it, so I feel confident I can, too.

Bliss Makes used clay to create some stunning patterns for her earrings.

I would seriously rock both of these pairs! I love the monotone colors mixed with a pop of bright.


11. I bring a lunch bag to work pretty much every day, but I am in serious need of an upgrade.

You can actually make your own and give it a beautiful paint job like Paper And Stitch did!

Being lazy, I also like the idea of buying a plain one and giving it a bit of an upgrade.

You could definitely do this with some paint and a leather clasp. How beautiful would that be?!


12. Washi tape is one craft item I have no shortage of at home.

I've used washi tape in tons of crafts before, and even to decorate my apartment.

But, I've never used it like this!

How beautiful are these little clocks?

You really can put washi tape on anything to give it a whole new look and vibe. These are super fun and easy to make!