23 Pretty Cool Pics That Deserve Your Undivided Attention

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through posts on Diply, or endlessly pressing "next" on Reddit? Are you a sucker for a cool pic? I am.

I especially love anything that's visually pretty trippy. If it seems impossible, you know I'll be trying to figure out just how they did it. And if I can't? I immediately jump to witchcraft because I'm a card carrying member of Dumbledore's Army and I do believe in Hogwarts.

But not all cool pics are secretly put together by an army of wizards. Sometimes cool pics are just cool pics.

1. Ice crystals in Switzerland look much cooler than any ice crystals I've encountered here.

Reddit | simplywing

It's so beautiful it might as well be a work of art.

Apparently it has to do with big water. I didn't know you could describe water as big, but maybe sometimes bigger is truly better.

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2. This hipster dude found a Ken doll dressed exactly liked him, glasses and all.

Reddit | mizzroberts

This is not how Ken looked when I was a kid, and I'm definitely okay with his new look.

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3. If there isn't already a subreddit dedicated to things that have melted into odd shapes, there really should be.

Reddit | arwyayen

These pills now look like the perfect shoes for that dreaded Elf On The Shelf guy.

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4. This guy totally has legs, I just can't figure out where they went.

Reddit | Huddunkachug

It 100% looks like he's trapped in concrete. Apparently he's doing some weird upward dog type of pose with the poles, so he must be flexible AF to pull this one off.

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5. This little swirl is so oddly satisfying, you'd almost want to eat it.

Reddit | um_yeah_no

I'd advise against eating it, though, because it's actually perfectly swirled hand cream.

But it looks like a tiny little soft serve ice cream and I want it.

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6. This might be the most hipster photo I've ever come across.

Reddit | excitotox

It features two random couples dressed the exact same way at a craft beer festival. Talk about a hipster uniform.

Tbh, this could probably happen to my partner and me ?.

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7. Does this shrub look like it's pissed off at the world, or what?

Reddit | Brocoli4dinner

Depending on how you look at it, it looks like it's giving everyone the finger. It's just a little bit prickly about something.

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8. What looks like a giant art installation about the habit of smoking is actually just a pole that's come out of the ground.

Reddit | BrackAttack

It's uncanny how much this looks like a giant cigarette.

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9. Have you ever actually seen deer crossing the road?

Reddit | aadair86

What about deer crossing the road at a deer crossing sign?

These must be some polite AF deer for actually following the rules.

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10. What's better than getting double the fun when you're eating a clementine?!

Reddit | iamcrawfy2018

There was basically a full baby clementine hiding inside. Two for the price of one is never something I complain about.

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11. Would you believe me if I told you this was only one photo?

Reddit | [deleted]

It looks a lot like four images in a collage, but it's actually just one image cropped perfectly.

If you spend some time looking at it you'll see the distinction, but you'll get a hell of a headache, too.

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12. These might be the weirdest croissants I've ever seen.

Reddit | zotti_d

I love croissants, a lot. But I do not love whatever they've done to them here. Croissants are meant to be flaky, buttery, and the shape of a crescent moon. NOT BLOCKS.

It's still pretty cool though.

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13. This might be one of the finest dams I've ever seen.

Reddit | Loisdenominator

Seriously, beavers are dope! They can make these things out of some twigs and mud, and they can somehow withstand something as powerful as water? That's pretty amazing to me!

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14. Don't you try to match your clothes with the carpet all the time?

Reddit | Botatitsbest

I can't say it's something I try to do on the regular, but if it were to happen to me, I'd probably be pretty stoked.

I'm confused as to why nearly everything in this photo is millennial pink, though. I love the color, but this makes my eyes hurt.

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15. This is a gorgeous shopping and office building in Osaka, Japan that also functions as a garden.

Reddit | GlutenStuffedBread

It's called Namba Parks, and I'm currently hitting myself for not going here when I was in Japan last year. I literally stayed around the corner from it.

Guess I'm going back!

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Andy Samberg says it all!

Giphy | Giphy

These are some pretty cool pics, but this isn't all I've got up my sleeve for you!

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16. Everyone knows that the window seat is the best seat, especially if you can hold your bladder.

Reddit | WDK11

And even if you can't, it's views like this that make the stabbing abdominal pain totally worth it in the end.

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17. I'll give you five guesses as to what this is.

Reddit | Urban_Eagle


It's a space shuttle for ants!

Just kidding. It is actually a space shuttle leaving the earth's atmosphere, though. How small do you feel now?!

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18. Snow: a wonderful, horrible, and crazy thing.

Reddit | tallduder

It can get pretty damn cold here. The only solace we have is the cool and wonderful things that freezing cold weather can give us.

Like snow rolling down a windshield, layered perfectly like this.

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19. STOP right now, thank you very much.

Reddit | adam_subtractem

Seriously, this might be the most polite-looking stop sign I've ever seen.

It's usually the bold STOP that makes you slow right down. This looks more like a nerd in school asking you to stop politely.

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20. I think this photo proves that cats are actually made out of liquid.

Twitter | @landpsychology

I seriously can't imagine this positioning is comfortable, but I've passed out drunk in worse places, so I guess I can't blame a cat for trying.

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21. What are the odds that three men who could be triplets are all sleeping on the exact same train?

Reddit | thrashbandit

I guess the clone factory got a little bit lazy a few years ago ?

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22. Do you ever look up at a icicle and really hope it isn't going to fall on you?

Reddit | NicerRoom

This poor chair did not have that luxury. An icicle fell down and that icicle went right through the material.


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23. Would you believe me if I said this is a photo of the extraction of a strawberry's DNA?!

Reddit | Hey-Nice-Marmot

Well even if you don't believe me, it's true.

Is it totally embarrassing for me to say I didn't even know this was possible?

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