11 Precious Moments That Scream 'Bless Your Heart'

Diply 7 Nov 2017

In times like these, it is easy to only see the darkness. Justin and Selena are back together. The McRib still exists. Low rise jeans are still available for purchase.

But fear not friends, I am here to show you the light. The small glimpses of light that can still be seen.

1. This sweet older brother who shows how a real mans behaves.

Twitter | @sugarsiah

You know what's attractive? The rejection of stupid gender stereotypes.

You know what else is attractive? A fierce-ass red acrylic.

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2. This sweet baby angel who is living out my life long dream.

Instagram | @shitheadsteve

I love rejecting societal norms. I love throwing a wild card into the everyday, mundane routines.

This queen is living her TRUTH.

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LIKE BYE, I'm taking a nap RIGHT NOW.


If she can do it, I can do it. In fact, let's start a #revolution.Everyone should take naps whenever and wherever they like. Cause why tf not?

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3. Let me lean into all my feels real quick.

Instagram | @relationships.usa

Is there anything more luxurious than being fed? What about being fed the almighty nugs? What about being fed almighty nugs by bae while getting a manicure?


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4. I am in pun heaven. BRB.

Reddit | spoonthegreat

Look, do I urinate over HP the way everyone else does? No. But who doesn't love Dumbledore and who doesn't love A GOOD LAUGH??

Heathens, that's who.

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5. WAIT. NO.

Reddit | LiamDavies1201

How is this much joy allowed in one photo? Collages are out but this dog in these cutouts is IN.

The wide range of emotions displayed by this dramatic pooch has me shooketh.

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Have you ever had your day improved so quickly by such a tiny bb dog?


How is this precious dog even allowed on this trash fire planet?Let me love it!

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6. I didn't know I could love a tree as much as I do rn.

Twitter | @jesusandpizza

I mean we love him, duh... But let's also all pretend we knew oranges grew on trees before this pic amirite?

...lol jk g2g xo

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7. Oh okay, okay... This took a turn but I love it.

Reddit | Anibomination

I am here for this drama.

Both of these things are EQUALLY important and both are literally mandatory for a civilized society so I salute this.

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Like, honestly, why not?


We as feminists must seize literally any and every opportunity to educate the literalentire world! So you just keep on doing you, boo boo.Flushes all around!

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8. WOW IDK which one I'd want more.

Instagram | @relationships.usa

I mean let's be real I'm getting NEITHER anytime soon but obvs I'd pick chocolate cause a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Xoxo gossip girl.

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9. So when is he gonna start giving modeling lessons to us mere mortals?

Twitter | @kirammonroe

The combo of smize and raw emotion this FIRST-grade child is showing is enough to make me question every school pic I've ever taken EVER.

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10. Lemme just give myself a damn hug cause it's all heading that way isn't it.

Instagram | @relationship.usa

This is literally the 2017 definition of love. And I say, like, lean into it!

Take that food. Get that love.

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Cause let's be real, food comes first.


Food was there before bae, and food will be here after bae.My order at Wendy's may not change even if my man's texting tone does.

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11. Love that this tiny, precious dog has their life together way more than I do.

Twitter | @jairafarala

My closet looks like it has seen things. Dark, dark things.

This closet, however, looks like it's straight out of a Disney movie.

I'm screaming.

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Like, can you imagine being presented with this doggie display?


"Oh hey girl wanna see my dog?""Oh for sure why not wait WTF IS THAT AN IKEA CLOSET FOR UR DOG?!""Oh yeah lol it's chill tho."

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