16 Pranks That Make Us Scared To Start A Prank War

Diply 8 Mar 2018

I love a good prank, I really do — especially when I'm not the one being pranked, because I'm a bit of what you might call "a scaredy-cat," and have what you might say is an "easily startled bladder," which might cause all my "friends" to publicly humiliate me...but other than that, they're good times!

For real though, today we're looking at pranks that went just far enough to make us pray that we're never hit that hard. Luckily for us, these diabolical pranksters had some other sorry victims in mind!

1. We'll start off light with this one and amp it up as we go.

Twitter | @Ayana94321798

But I'm sure we've all either been this person or have had this person beg you for gum in the past. Honestly, this would stop me from bummin' gum, for sure.

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2. Still kinda mild here, but too funny not to share.

Twitter | @meredithlynne_

Like, I've seen a ton of variations on the whole "changed this to that" text prank, but this one is just so simple and effective that ya gotta give it some love.

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3. Now things are heatin' up a bit.

Twitter | @BrianLeeWow

Most people in an office or whatever are going to be super happy to open up a little treat to break up the monotony of the day. Always nice to lend them a hand.

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4. As someone who was always paranoid about this kind of thing, I find this very, very evil.

Reddit | verious_

There's no way the anxiety isn't gonna get to some students, forcing them to change their answer. But hey, so long as you keep that in mind, "it's just a prank, bro!"

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5. Nothing like a sibling-to-sibling prank war — those are savage.

Instagram | @will_ent

Really, this could seriously backfire for you, since your sister will just get stinkier and stinker as she swears off showers.

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6. Well, you gotta give the guy points for creativity, right?

Twitter | @deno_tron

I guess it's always best to be forward about your passions with your date...a shrine might be a bit much, though, just a bit.

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7. Now things are gettin' really dangerous.

Reddit | Reddit

You only want a "killer ending" to your prank war metaphorically! Not a lot of kids understand how to be subtle, so they're probably the most dangerous to war with.

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8. Here's a precious idea that'll give someone a heart attack.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Pretty much any cutout would have a similar effect, really, but I think nothing's better than this Steve Buscemi one, though.

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9. By the time you need it, it may already be too late.

Reddit | drogods

Really, if you can include the puppet from Saw in all your pranks, they'd be so much darker.

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10. For real, it's like they could set up a whole Saw house!

Reddit | KoaltinBooey

Imagine getting your finger caught in that only to sit down and realize there's only duct tape for TP, and a Steve Buscemi cutout is just staring at you.

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11. I can only imagine this would be the worst-tasting thing ever.

Twitter | @jennsouther

Chunky, cheesy, watery grossness — all for the next person looking for a little more vitamin C in their diet.

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12. So, today I learned that a T. stirmi is a type of large spider and also that they molt and also that I will never sleep again. 

Pleated-Jeans | Pleated-Jeans

Simply pure evil!

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13. I would be too easily tripped out by this — and I'd definitely end up literally tripping.

Reddit | PaperkutRob

Again, I'd kinda like to see someone combine all these into a Saw-like house. I don't wanna go there, I just wanna know that it exists.

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14. "Hi-ya Georgie!" 

The Chive | The Chive

If you've got a good enough printer handy, this is a pretty simple (yet effective) prank — especially for anyone who's scared of clowns...which should be everybody, really.

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15. You really gotta hand it to them for getting the big win here. How they did it, I have no earthly clue.

Reddit | JCrowley2478

Did they bring it in piece by piece, or is it just magic?

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16. "My friend snuck a heinous portrait of me into a charity auction that I was attending. Sold for $200."

Reddit | afschmitt

I mean, if that's not an ultimate ending to a prank war, I don't know what is.

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