16 Powerful Photos Showing There Is Good All Around Us

Diply 12 Jun 2018

Summer is here, the sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and the world feels a little bit more like a dumpster fire each day.

So, in the spirit of summer, I've collected some wholesome, feel-good images and stories to help us all enjoy the good in the world for a few minutes. Join me, won't you?

1. In the run-up to Hurricane Irma, one man proved that it's not always everyone for themselves in a crisis.

Reddit | Reddit

After driving more than 30 miles to buy one of the few generators left, Pam Brekke watched the person in front of her grab the last one. When he saw her crying, Ramon Santiago offered her the one he hadn't yet paid for.

Overwhelmed, she hugged him. The generator was meant for her father, who relies on electricity to power the oxygen supply he needs to live.

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2. I'd be happy to have this guy as my new neighbor.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

I'm sure he would refuse any sort of payment, but I'd definitely be baking him a boat-load of cookies as thanks. I'd also provide him with all the iced tea he could possibly want.

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3. Let's raise our hands for the caregivers out there.

Reddit | vmedell88

The woman pushing her cart through Costco is visually impaired, but thanks to the man with her, she's not slowed down. He was describing everything he saw, allowing her to pick out what she wanted as they went.

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4. When this little ballerina got stage fright, Dad was there to help.

Reddit | Reddit

Baby in tow, he got up on the stage, held her hand, and helped her through the steps. The best part is that he'd clearly paid attention during class, because he knew all the moves.

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5. Hopefully, these sorts of cards won't be necessary for much longer.

Reddit | Mrdazjames

The only way to break the stigma around breastfeeding in public is for more moms to do it. A card like this can help boost their confidence.

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6. It's easy not to care when you're standing behind a counter for minimum wage.

Reddit | Reddit

But this Pizza Hut employee took the time to teach an older customer how to order online and get special offers, just so that she could save a few bucks on her dinner.

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7. "Thanks, kind stranger who found this check that fell out of SOs pocket, and anonymously mailed it back to us!" — cassodragon

Reddit | cassodragon

There are so many ways losing a check can mean big trouble, but luckily this one was found by a good guy.

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8. These guys are just trying to brighten people's day.

Reddit | are_you-serious

Once a week they stand on the street corner with words of encouragement on big, bold signs. Just because it's a nice thing to do.

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9. "First time in my life not living paycheck to paycheck. Got my parents an early Christmas present. They deserve much more, but it's a start." —Elizerdbreath

Reddit | Elizerdbreath

Our parents work so hard to raise us, and it feels so good to finally give a little bit back.

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10. "This time last year we went to the courthouse to get married," explained a Reddit user.

Reddit | Cptnbumout

"My uncle was our witness with only a few hours notice."

He made it work, and they'll probably remember the skull balloon forever.

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11. Best friends forever really means forever.

Reddit | Reddit

When she missed her friend, this girl drove 1,400 miles from Texas to New York just to visit her. Looks like it was more than worth it.

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12. What started as simple curiosity ended up making the day of an autistic boy.

Reddit | johnnybarton411

The stranger didn't have to offer to send his autographed poster, but he did. He'd gotten his joy out of it and was more than willing to pass it on.

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13. "My key fell through a hole in my pocket on my morning run. What ever kind stranger in Dallas did this for me, thank you!" —Rufi0h

Reddit | Rufi0h

Placing the key on an obvious rock in the middle of the path pretty much guaranteed that it wouldn't be missed when the owner retraced their steps.

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14. Excuse me, but I need to go hug my grandpa...

Reddit | pp0787

This is just the sweetest thing! It's totally something I could see myself doing for my own children or grandchildren! It may seem silly at the time, but it means so much in the future.

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15. Just a trio of garbage men letting out their inner children.

Reddit | AlexanderBlum

Admit it: No matter how grown-up you are — or pretend to be — you'd totally do this. We never grow out of swinging.

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16. When a supermarket discovered an elderly lady reading the books, they didn't kick her out.

Reddit | Reddit

Instead, they installed a simple little bench in her honor so that she wouldn't have to stand the whole time.

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