13+ Pop Culture Costumes For Halloween 2018

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Pop culture costumes are a timeless trend, but they're also time sensitive.

2018 has been a wild year for media, from unexpected memes to blockbuster films showcasing and embracing diversity. From musicians to actors, television to film, YouTubers and everyone in between, these costume ideas are nothing short of legendary.

And yes, feel free to combine any of these for really bad mashup jokes. I support you.

1. The Fab 5!

Instagram | @jvn

Do you you love Netflix? Do you have five friends brimming with creativity and passion for cooking, interior design, mental health, fashion, or grooming? Uh, hello, I have a great idea for you. This no-brainer also means you have an excuse to add some seriously great pieces to your wardrobe.

Don't forget the French tuck!

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2. Doctor...who?

YouTube | Doctor Who

This year's hottest trend is...sonic! You can rock this costume just in time for the 13th Doctor's turn in the Tardis. Jodie Whittaker is Doctor Who's first female doctor, so why not celebrate that landmark moment by strapping on your leftover 11th Doctor suspenders and giving this a go? Allons-y!

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3. Lil Pump and Kanye in "I Love It." 

YouTube | Lil pump

This Robolox-inspired look worn by Lil Pump and Kanye is, hands down, one of the most iconic music video looks of the year.

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With a cardboard box, a gold chain, and a li'l imagination, you could win best dressed! 

Instagram | @linhstagram

Rock it as a friends' costume, a couple's costume (hello, Kimye!), or get your pet involved. Just make sure you have a plan for fitting through doors.

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4. A YouTuber apology. 

Twitter | @LoganPaul

An apology, but make it fashion. YouTubers seem to always be apologizing for things (and for good reason, most of the time), and they always seem to do it in the Notes app of their phones. Grab some cardboard, some paint, and your favorite cringe-worthy apology to create a meta experience Twitter will lose its mind over.

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5. Wakanda forever!

Instagram | @TheCostumeKid

I mean, this is a pretty obvious one, but someone has to do it! Whether you want to go as T'Challa, Shuri, or one of the badass Dora Milaje, you'll look nothing short of stunning.

Bonus points: Killmonger's Black Panther suit. All that gold? Get outta here!

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6. Your favorite drag queen. 

Instagram | @trixiemattel

OH, HONEY! This one is not for the faint of heart. No matter your fave queen (I once went as Bianca Del Rio, true story), getting their signature look right is an absolute must. Otherwise, you'll end up looking like a clown. Unless that's your goal, and then dude...you're gonna nail it.

Whichever drag queen you choose to channel, make sure you follow their makeup hacks!

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7. A snake.


Ah, Archie comics. What used to be a delightful grocery store check-out purchase is now a juggernaut of a TV show, far departed from its sugary-sweet source material. Riverdale is a darker beast, complete with murder and gangs that wear matching jackets.Bonus points: dressing up in Cheryl Blossom's custom red Southside Serpent jacket.

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8. This is Donald Glover. 

YouTube | Donald Glover

Donald Glover's music video for "This is America" is packed with statements, and the simple outfit he wears became immediately iconic following its release.

Protip: only wear this if you're going to do it with respect, okay? This is an appropriation-free zone, friends.

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9. Round up the gang for an Ocean's 8 costume. 

YouTube | Warner Bros. Pictures

You, eight friends, and the will to rob millionaires. Is it a costume, or just an idea I'm pitching you? Anyway, Ocean's 8 is packed with iconic looks for its leads, so you truly have your pick of the fashion litter. Going all the way with their Met Gala looks would be a total stunt, though...

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10. Janet. Just Janet. Good Janet, Bad Janet...any Janet, really.

Instagram | @darcycarden

The all-knowing guide (don't call her a robot, she hates that) from The Good Place has incredibly identifiable (and amazing) looks. Among them? Leather pants, purple vests, and rhinestoned phone cases. Go nuts, butthead.

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11. The best babysitter in the world.


This one might require a wig. And some props. But seriously, you gotta commit if you're going to be the best babysitter ever, right? Going as Steve from Stranger Things will earn you legend status in a hot sec. Also, maybe get a backpack and some shades. For style.

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12. Why be an Avenger when you could be the whole Infinity Gauntlet?

Reddit | Naweezy

Now that's a costume. You might think I'm kidding, but this person fully dressed as a glove is proof that I absolutely am not. You can do this. Thanos would be proud.

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13. Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling! 

Twitter | @MrBrandonStroud

I mean, does it get any better than this? Not only will you feel like someone who could totally take down another human being, you'll look it, too. A simple leotard and some big hair will do the trick for a Glow costume.

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14. A forbidden snack. 

Flickr | Austin Kirk

Mmm, tasty soap. 2018's inaugural meme involved everyone collectively deciding Tide Pods look like food, so why not honor that entirely incorrect assumption by wearing one?

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Yes, I do think you should fully dress up as laundry soap. Yes, it will be funny. (Please don't eat Tide Pods. Thank you.)

Twitter | @RebeccaAshley96

There are a few ways you could go about this costume, but I think Twitter user @RebeccaAshley96 and her friends did it best on a budget.

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15. Aquaman needs no introduction. 

YouTube | Warner Bros. Pictures

Aquaman might not be out yet, but that doesn't mean you can't get ahead of the costume game by dressing up as beautiful human Jason Momoa. Sorry, I mean Aquaman. Dress up as Aquaman. Maybe also carry a stuffed shark? Just an idea.

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16. It's time to get Gritty! 

Twitter | @GrittyNHL

This will probably be the closest you'll get to current meme culture before Halloween hits. The mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers is so mockable that it immediately turned the internet upside down. 2018 has been so weird, guys. So weird.

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17. Warm up your vocals for a Yodel Boy costume. 

YouTube | vrusa

Yodel Boy, aka Mason Ramsey, took the internet by storm when he did a pop-up performance at his local Walmart. His vocal chops blasted him to fame, scoring him appearances on The Ellen Show and even Coachella.

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And putting the costume together is simple!  

Instagram | @lilhankwilliams

Seriously. All you need is a cowboy hat, a white shirt, and a red bowtie (or any red neck accessory). Oh, and be ready to yodel on command.

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