13 Plant DIYs That'll Turn Your House Into A Boho Paradise

Diply 27 Apr 2018

If you're apartment is looking a little drab, a good way to give it LIFE is to add some plants!

Seriously... It's actually crazy how a little pop of greenery can totally Feng Shui the crap out of your place. A few strategically placed succulents later and I'm talking complete harmony.

You can turn a bleak dungeon into a chic bohemian paradise only using plants (I swear). So, go on, get your hands dirty because these plant DIYs are cute AF and so worth it.

1. Succulent Bird Cage

National Gardening Association | National Gardening Association

Succulents are basically like little pets, so why not put them in a bird cage where they can live out their days being tiny and endearing. Next, put Shia LaBeouf in there like Sia did in "Elastic Heart."

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2. "Kokedama" String Garden

Design Sponge | Design Sponge

I'm not going to pretend like I know what "kokedama" means, but I'm totally a fan. Plus, if you're feeling like the cheapest, cheapo, out there, you don't need a pot for this! Only some fertile soil.

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3. Anthropologie Lookalike Planter

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

You know there are people who would probably go to Anthropologie and spend a billion dollars on something like this. Smh. But you can literally upcycle any wooden pot from the thrift store and create this look.

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4. Macrame Plant Hanger

YouTube | FTD Flowers

These plant hangers give me LIFE. It looks complicated (I know!), but macrame is essentially just a bunch of different knots. If you learned how to tie a shoe, I'm sure you can learn these knots too.

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5. Mid Century Wooden Plant Stand

YouTube | TheSorryGirls

If you're not one to shy away from a hammer, try your hand at this DIY. Your friends and family may never believe you actually built something, but you'll know the truth!

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6. Branch Plant Hanger

Modern Macrame | Modern Macrame

Is there anything earthier than hanging a literal branch in your room? No, I didn't think so. Take your boho vibes up a notch by effortlessly hanging macrame hangers off your stick.

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7. Concrete Succulent Planters

Erin Made This | Erin Made This

All you need for this DIY is some concrete, milk cartons, shot glasses, and cling wrap. Sounds like a party, right?! It will be for your plants, once they're in these planters.

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8. Copper And Rope Plant Stand

Sarah Sherman Samuel | Sarah Sherman Samuel

Talk about going from cheap to chic! It's actually kind of amazing how a bit of copper spray paint and rope transformed these non-expensive wire planters from Amazon. INTO IT.

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9. Mini Clay Planters

Paper & Stitch | Paper & Stitch

How cute are the pastel tones of this "mini clay planter" DIY? Give Taylor Swift and her girl gang a run for their money — with your succulents all living together, they're definitely the best looking crew out there #SquadGoals.

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But, seriously... How cute are they?

Giphy | Giphy

I honestly can't get enough of these peachy little guys! And what's even more fun is that the color palette is totally up to you.

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10. Upcycled Wire Tomato Planters 

The Merrythought | The Merrythought

You might not even need to buy the tomato planter...just ask your grandma, she'll probably be able to hook it up! There's no way she doesn't have a few extras lying around. Add a quick coat of spray paint, and voila.

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11. Easy Glass Terrarium

Flickr | Gaye Launder

This DIY takes no time at all and very little money. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can even find glass dishes similar to these at a dollar or thrift store. Don't worry about droppin' too many dolla, dolla bills, y'all.

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12. Lightbulb Terrarium

Clad & Cloth | Clad & Cloth

This DIY is perfect if you're a newb at doing crafty things. The hardest part is unscrewing the bulb! After that, all you need to complete the look are pebbles, string, and some wee, little air plants.

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Who else just had a "light bulb moment" over these easy light bulb terrariums?!

Giphy | Giphy

You're probably wondering why you didn't think of this DIY sooner. Thank god for the people of Pinterest.

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13. Balsa Wood Planters 

bre purposed | bre purposed

If you need to wear a warning label when you're around power tools, this DIY is for you. Balsa wood (find it at Michael's) can be cut with a pair of scissors.

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Now go on, be the bohemian goddess you were meant to be, and live every day surrounded by pretty green life! 

Giphy | Giphy

No judgment if these DIYs suddenly awaken your inner Lana Del Rey.

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