12+ Pictures In Need Of More Than A Gander

Diply 26 Sep 2018

I do a lot of scrolling on the internet. I don't know how I could possibly measure the distance in which I scrolled, but if I could I bet you'd be impressed.

And very few things slow my scrolling patterns, even fewer stop me altogether. But these photos — and any photos that need a second glance — throw off my day, you know?

1. Separate and together, these pictures raise a lot of questions for me.

Reddit | adam24786

I am pretty sure, if not certain, that this snail is magic. I have never seen a snail hang upside down from water but also, if they can attach to water why don't we ever see them sailing in puddles?

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2. An inside look at a tree with some sort of disease. 

Reddit | ItsjustJim621

It makes perfect sense that trees can get diseases, but I had no idea that it would look this cool. Now I have the urge to see what the rest of the tree looks like.

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3. Somehow these very flat burnout marks look 3D. 

Reddit | Zevyn

Which would be impressive as they would probably need a floating car or something to make them...but nah, they're just regular old marks. Not quite as exciting, and certainly not as uncommon.

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4. This is not a whole pizza, it is a tester of a pizza. A sample, if you will. 

Reddit | kayeledsb

Which is far less pizza than I will ever want in my life. It's like a teaser! A nibble! If anything, it's also a tragedy.

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5. I would be very, very scared of having these plates.

Reddit | Avbitten

Because I just know that one day I'm going to forget they just look like paper and do something dumb.

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6. Kind of want to protect this wee little potato forever and see if it actually hatches into a dragon. 

Reddit | trillclick

A very small dragon, mind you, but it somehow looks like a magical egg.

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7. I truly thought that this was just some nifty tiling sprucing up the dock, not an accident. 

Reddit | crisb184

It's because of flooding, but I was into it as a decorative choice.

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8. Life, uhh, finds a way????

Reddit | kayfray93

That seems to be the only way to explain how this dinosaur ended up with the hands of a human. Where's Dr. Grant when you need him?

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9. I would probably wreck whatever is happening in this photo.

Reddit | Reven8

It's sheer perfection. And I would completely wreck it because there's no way I'm observant enough to see it before it's too late.

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10. I kid you not when I say I really thought that this was an art thing. 

Reddit | Reddit

Apparently, my standards for art are pretty darn low, but nothing would really surprise me these days.

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11. One of these birbs is not like the other. 

Reddit | julierhythms

The one that's flying looks so graceful that I actually thought it was painted onto the wall. As like, a bird...attracter? I'm not sure.

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12. They made this candle, and I'm sure it works, but I'm not sure how well it would work. 

Reddit | bananakwan

So would the wick burn or just collapse down that dark, waxless hole? This is when I wish I had all the answers.

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13. Tell me this doesn't look like a mirror wall because I SWEAR if there wasn't a plant there...

Reddit | DiceELITE

And even then I'm not convinced that it's just the angle or something. Whoever cleans this glass is a WIZARD.

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14. I wonder if everyone who works in these buildings also has to be paper thin???

Reddit | KWLN

That would be cool though. You walk in and become 2D, and then normal when you leave again. Is this a TV show somewhere? Because if not, it should be.

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15. No wonder people go bonkers over coffee, the cups leave art behind. 

Reddit | IronChefster

That's a better picture of the moon than I could ever draw with my hands on purpose.

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16. I'll ask you what I asked my team — does this not look like a chicken head?!

Reddit | RealGodofCringe

It stopped me dead in my tracks, let me tell ya. But it's just from a tree. Still weird, though.

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