12+ Pictures That Left Us Shocked and Upset

Diply 22 Oct 2018

Lots of things in life can be shocking. Take, for example, the nutritional info for a Venti extra-hot Pumpkin Spice Latte with extra whip and caramel drizzle. Or the first pictures you see of your ex's downgrade.

Regardless of where the shock comes from, I can tell you it's always worth screaming over. Here are some pics that have left us shocked and upset.

1. Look at these large blankets that look like actual, thicc slabs of meat.

Reddit | shiningPate

As an aspiring vegan, I find this product display very shocking and upsetting. However, as a current carnivore, yo girl is STARVING.

Brb, gonna go grab a cheeseburger real quick.

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2. I love getting catfished by a pillowcase almost as much as I love getting catfished by a mans!

Reddit | normal-loser

Why on earth would anyone want a random kid on their child's pillowcase?! This is honestly NOT what anyone signed up for!

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3. First of all, how dare you call me out?

Reddit | uhkwaireeuhs

This tattoo absolutely cost under $10 and was probably done in one of my ex-boyfriends' garages, LOL. But seriously, y'all, just like our taxes and court cases, we need to leave tattoos to the professionals.

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4. This is why I always BUY my trashy Halloween costumes! This is a DI-WHY, amirite ladies???

Instagram | @kalesalad

Who needs scary movies when you have literally the creepiest thing ever of LIFE standing right here in front of you???

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Reddit | superrosey101

In my fantasy world, Starbucks has a duo cup like this so I can sip on two different lattes at the same time.

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Sometimes you want an iced caramel macchiato, but sometimes you ALSO want an iced skinny vanilla latte. Now? We don't have to choose!


Which is perfect for indecisive people like ME!

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6. Okay, this is too overwhelming for me...

Reddit | PaladinGaming87

Does this mean some poor soul is out there with six Capri Suns and NO straws for any of them? That's a true tragedy.

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7. Did I miss the part in Barbie Girl where they talk about dressing Barbie up in strips of fake meat, à la Lady Gaga 2010?

Reddit | dori_lukey

Ohhhhhhh, this is only because she's on display at a gorgeous Korean hotpot spot?! I love that for her!

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8. Okay, I'm so sorry, but I'm gonna need a second to gather my thoughts.

Instagram | Instagram

Oreos and salsa make for a good time, but NOT when together. Like me and low-rise jeans.

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9. But why is this ME in five years as I'm desperately attempting to pay off my student loans?

Reddit | SupervisorJamesLahey

I am someone who believes in luck! And fate! And destiny! And lottery tickets!

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I am also someone that believes you can spend all the money you want, as long as it's not your money.


Because spending daddy's money is so much more fun than spending my own!

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10. Okay, so the real question here is WHO THROWS AWAY A WHOLE PIZZA JUST LIKE THAT?!

Instagram | Instagram

It is lying there so gently. So beautifully.

The crying pepperoni pieces are haunting me still.

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11. Actual footage of me as a wife, waiting for my husband to be done his dumb shopping after I spent the past hour in Sephora.

Instagram | Instagram

My local mall needs this kind of on-the-go spa treatment — like, what is we doing??

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12. Um, hey guys? Anyone? What does one do in a situation like this?

Reddit | zivinkxter

Lemme just call the police real quick and wait to see if any cute firefighters show up to save my day...Oops, I meant the day.

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13. This is my new forever shmood.

Twitter | @AshleyJPL

So this is the ultimate way to travel?? Forget your tacky limousines and obnoxious G-Wagons, it's all about the lawn chair aesthetic now, baybay.

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14. WOW, love looking into my actual nightmare.

Reddit | Baalparamatma

I thought bees were going extinct?? But no! They're all just hiding under this person's bike seat, waiting to terrify the physical life out of them.

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