12+ Pics Worth A Thousand Questions

Diply 11 Jul 2018

That whole "a picture is worth a thousand words" thing is some BS if you ask me. Sometimes, they leave me confused because it's just a picture. No wordy explanation to help me get it.

But don't worry, I got you.

(Okay, JK, I don't have answers, but we're all in this together).

1. It's not that I've never noticed a difference, it's that I've never seen them laid out as options

Reddit | HawkDoc21

Is it weird my answer would be a combo? Would I plug the toilet? I would have to do a test run.

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2. How is this cheese better looking than any marble backsplash I have ever seen?

Reddit | VelvetGloveinTO

No idea what type of cheese it is, but I want it. Preferably in the form of a giant wheel. And then in my mouth.

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3. I never thought I would see a frog taking on the role of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, but I don't hate it

Reddit | Brunoise6

I have no idea why it exists, but I'm into it. 10/10 would display in my garden.

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Reddit | Casshern108

"Donut" is not a flavor. There are too many flavored donuts for that to be a thing. Am I wrong about this? Feel free to write me a letter so we can debate it.

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5. I'm all for letting your doggo live its best, chic life, but I have no idea what they've done to this poor pupper

Getty Images | Igor Emmerich

There's just a lot going on that shouldn't be going on.

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6. I can't fold a piece of paper in half straight, and there's this guy making magic with his hands and one piece of paper 

Reddit | JonSnuu69

Then there's this guy making literal magic happen.

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7. Behold, a tiny little sea urchin SMILING WITH ITS DARN TEETH

Reddit | KonoInochiHidoi

Is this not the scariest and cutest thing you've seen all day???

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8. Some O.J. that is having a slight identity crisis

Reddit | Flaming_Idiot

The bottle says 100% orange juice, but the lid tells a different story. Who do we believe?

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9. I don't know why, but I am so sure these wouldn't taste as good as them being in a can

Reddit | CuriousForBrainPower

I have no basis for this belief except science.

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Reddit | Nattyht

My note-taking days are pretty much behind me, but I will forever be bitter that I never owned one of these bad boys.

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11. How could anyone be so cruel to serve ANYTHING in Wilson?!

Reddit | Reddit

You can't drink this without being the most emotional person ever. You just can't.

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Twitter | @zooanimalspics

Never seen the movies because I'm a wimp, but I would recognize that face anywhere...and immediately get freaked out because who doesn't?

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13. This is super helpful as it says "top," BUT why the heck isn't it just labeled in general????

Reddit | Wishywashy59

I can see, but I ALWAYS put USBs and cords in the wrong way at first. Always. It's basically the one thing I can guarantee daily.

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14. Plants make everything better, and that is a cold hard fact

Reddit | halfandhafu

But having them below the taps so that they are constantly watered is brilliant and we should all do this.

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15. An M&M without anything important, really

Reddit | ihaveheadproblem

It just wanted to be unique and it came out looking like a tasty mystery.

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16. No idea why this broccoli is SO into making sure no one does drugs, but I support their message

Reddit | Zeldachic

Tbh, they're more concerned than most people I know. The broccoli are bros.

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