15+ Pics With More Questions Than The Riddler's Jumpsuit

Diply 6 Jul 2018

These pictures are going to give you so many questions that you're going to wear out the question mark on your keyboard. Or, if you're fancy and are reading this on some kind of mobile telephone, then you're gonna wear out the part of the screen where the question mark key would be. Did this whole thing fall apart before I even started? Sure did.

1. I dunno if you've been out looking for a job recently, but I've gotta tell you, it's hard to come up with 30 years of job experience when you're only 20.

Twitter | @_kneefuh

And just think, if you stay in school and get your master's, you can have all the perks of being overqualified and incapable of even getting this job.

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2. I'm sorry, the what countdown?

Reddit | bradster1977

I actually had to go into the comments of this one to figure out what's really going on. Apparently it's The Final Countdown. In retrospect, I can totally see it now, but boy was I worried. Just like Sandler looks in that photo.

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3. Say what you will about this person, but they sure did accomplish what they set out to do.

Reddit | Ho_Phat

And I can honestly say I've never seen someone accurately replicate a botched panorama photo before, so...uh, great job or something, I guess?

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4. This is a fun way to report the news, to be honest. We should just Mad Libs weather reports, and really any news. 

Reddit | HembraunAirginator

If we're being totally honest, you're probably just going to ignore the news that you disagree with anyway, so we might as well just be up front about it.

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5. If you can guess what's going on here, I'll give you a cookie.

Reddit | ZurgTS

So, apparently (at least according to something I read on the internet), there are some countries where instead of a tooth fairy, the myth is that there's a mouse that does all that tooth stuff. So this door in this dentist's office is for that mouse.

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6. So, where exactly am I supposed to be using my computer, then? On the moon?

Reddit | TheUnicoded

We all know that people can't actually get to the moon. It was all staged, man. Ask Kubrick. He knows.

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7. When I said I was looking for a hybrid vehicle, this isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Reddit | PVE

I mean, sure, we've all wanted a Prius that could carry large loads, but until now, no one's had the courage to make it happen.

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8. So, it turns out that you can go your whole life without hearing the word "milkwalker" and be totally fine with it.

Imgur | maxstout808

But now, since I had to see it, you have to see it. Enjoy it, milkwalkers.

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9. Welcome to RuPaul's Dwarf Race.

Imgur | smoochmysnoot

I'm sure there's some kind of drag going on here, I'm just not entirely sure where everybody started and ended up. The point is, this has opened up a lot of possibilities for me that I'll explore on my own time.

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10. Hmm... I like their no shoe policy. But I've got some concerns about their not covering people with corn policy.

Imgur | ib0b

I mean, we all need to make compromises sometimes, but I'm just not sure if I'm willing to bend that far.

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11. Who is this bear and how darethey be more talented than me?


Listen, Mom, I'm sorryI dropped the baton at Nationals! You don't have to remind me about it on every single one of my birthdays.

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12. This may seem ridiculous, but just think — you could just snap a picture of the sign with your phone and then read it later at your own discretion.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

That's safer, right? Pointing your phone at a sign with your eyes off the road?

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13. I'm really puzzled about this one. 

Reddit | Xlue058

There's nothing worse than a haircut that doesn't make any sense, but still costs you a ton of cents. I'm just about over all of these trendy hairdos.

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14. I didn't know that penguins were naughty enough to deserve public shaming, but after seeing Timmy, I'm totally on board with this. 

Instagram | @_theblessedone

Also, can we take a second to admire Betty? What a gem.

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15. Who eats gum like this?

Reddit | BigTorsoSchmuck

Unless someone has sharpened their teeth with a nail file prison-style, then there's just no way anyone can actually cut through a package of gum with just their teeth.

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16. I don't think this girl understands how a shirt works, and now she has me questioning my understanding of a button-down. 

Acid Cow | Acid Cow

Considering how the fashion industry has been acting, this could actually be a real thing.

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17. I hate to be the one to burst this person's bubble, but carrots don't hold any electrical energy. 

Reddit | kingeryck

I guess someone's gonna have to get off the couch and try to control the television manually, like they did before the coming of Christ.

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18. I guess this is one way to fit in when you can't afford to buy brand name. 

Reddit | basshead541

Even though it definitely can't pass for being Nike, it's super creative, so you have to give him points for that.

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19. This cat has probably been stepped on so many times, I'm beginning to feel really bad for its tail. 

Reddit | Mate175

This little fur ball is gonna need a neon vest to help him stand out when he's running around.

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20. I guess this is one way to spend your time. 

Instagram | @tangy.walrus

It's definitely not the best way or even the most logical way, but it's an option.

I, on the other hand, take my Starbucks order very seriously.

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21. I have no idea if this is photoshopped or not, but I really don't want to know.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

Don't you dare take this way from me, readers. I need to know that this furry dog I've named Kirby is real.

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22. If this isn't driving you crazy, just skip right past and don't read why it should.

Reddit | DeluxePizzaNoOlives

Look at the armpits! They're uneven! But now you can't unsee it. But it's nice to finally see wonk-pitted people represented.

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23. I guess you could say that the picture on the left is pretty ham-fisted, couldn't you?

Imgur | Slowmotionslap

You could also say that the picture on the right is quite the handshake. Wow, these jokes are basically writing themselves. Oh my god, they are! I'm not even touching the keyboard!

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24. Here's a mystery so bizarre that even Reddit hasn't been able to solve it.

Reddit | new-challenger

Everyone's trying to figure out what shape this is supposed to be. Someone even e-mailed the manufacturer, but it's still a bit of a mystery. The best they could come up with is that it's a dragon-monkey mash-up of some kind.

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