12+ Pics With A Twist

Diply 25 Oct 2018

I've always enjoyed my stories with a little bit of a plot twist. I could do without the real twists that life constantly throws at me, though. Why can't things go smoothly for more than the blink of an eye? These photos have a twist of their own.

1. I'm pretty sure there's an easier way to make taco salad, but what do I know?

Reddit | Ruukuku

I guess this is fine if you just want the basics. Personally, I would put several more ingredients in there. Look at the mess!

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2. I guess even Pokémon have runts in the litter. But I still see the potential in this guy.

Reddit | Ketameme69

The poor thing resembles me when I wake up in the morning. I'm certain you could still make it to the top with him.

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3. I imagine this would be me if I ever tried running. This mannequin also looks a whole lot like what my life feels like right now.

Reddit | EthanB111

I would probably buy everything it has on it. It feels more real like this.

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4. Never have I seen a more adorable steed. I'm kind of jealous of Skeletor.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Black cats really are tiny house-panthers. I wish I could shrink down to ride my own. Although, he would never take me where I told him to go.

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5. I wouldn't be surprised if this car belonged to Donkey Kong

Reddit | AhAhMilk

I wonder if he's planning to eat all those right away. Or potentially getting ready for a *Mario Kart *tournament.

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6. Well, here is an idea for all the extra bananas.

Reddit | FlakyClue

These are cute — but a little unsettling at the same time. One person's discomfort is another person's masterpiece, I guess.

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7. Something like this would save me a lot of time.

Life Buzz | Life Buzz

I guess some people never outgrow their knack for asking uncomfortable questions. As a wheelchair user, I could use this concept.

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8. I've always considered myself bad at laundry. I guess I'm better than I thought. 

Reddit | WeebWallets

I would really like to know how this could happen. I would hate to repeat this mistake.

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9. Sometimes, it's hard to let go of the good things. 

Reddit | donganhxauxi

I'm not going to lie, I miss the days when things were built to last. Playing pixelated hangman was also fun.

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10. I wonder if this is how you bring back the '90s. 

Reddit | Bartmania

I miss the simpler times when I didn't have to pay bills and it was socially acceptable to play Pokémon in my pajamas all day.

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11. Well, that's one way to keep your food warm.

Reddit | Macho_Mans_Ghost

Some lifehacks are just crazy. I know that if my car smelled like chicken nuggets, I would be hungry all the time.

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12. That's the scariest looking hair tie I've ever seen. 

Reddit | Exxxosis

You couldn't pay me any amount of money to do that. No matter how trendy it might seem. She's so calm!

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13. I would really like to know who designed this playground. 

Reddit | sethw216

I know that most children are daredevils, but this is an accident waiting to happen. I bet it already has.

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14. Is this real life? The inner child in me really hopes so. 

Reddit | Nebster_Pe

Working here would also be my childhood dream job. Maybe one day it can still be realized. I'm ready, Bikini Bottom!

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15. I never knew that Transformers could be more than cars. 

Reddit | WD-49

I don't think anyone would mess with this guy. He could probably give you a killer headache. Watch your back!

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16. Wait, what? How did somebody let this fly? 

Reddit | rickyrae7

If I saw this, I would take it as an admission that Microsoft can't do it all. That might be bad for business.

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