16 Pics With A Hell Of A Backstory

Diply 28 Mar 2018

Sometimes you just hear of stories so weird, so strange, so out there, that they seem stranger than fiction. The following is a collection of some of the weirdest, bizarre pictures we could find, and the even more bizarre stories behind them. Enjoy!

1. A married couple found out they appeared in a photo together when they were teens.

Twitter | @ChannelNewsAsia

The husband was going through some photos of his wife's one day and recognized a familiar face in one of them — his own! The two met in 2011 but were at the same monument 11 years prior.

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2. A toucan got a 3D printed beak after a brutal attack.

Reddit | jerkno1

The toucan was brutally beaten by a group of teens armed with sticks and lost half his beak as a result. A 3D printing company built him a new beak. He can eat and sing again with his shiny new prosthetic.

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3. This person coughed up a staple from their lungs.

Reddit | compwalla

Compwalla posted on Reddit that they had a lung lobectomy in 2016 after a battle with cancer. About a year and a half later, they started coughing uncontrollably and started going to specialists. They felt better after literally coughing up this staple.

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4. This image was taken by a murder victim seconds before he was killed.

Reddit | Liquidsolidus9000

A Filipino politician took this photo of his family, meant to be a happy New Years' Eve family photo, and in doing so he caught a photobomb of his own killer, with the killer's gun aimed right at him. He would be shot mere moments later.

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5. This is the permanent "shadow" of a victim of a nuclear bomb in Hiroshima.

Reddit | Stoltz3

This "shadow" is actually the carbon imprint of the victim's body seared into concrete — likely all that was left of them when the bomb hit. The rest of their body was most likely vaporized instantly.

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6. A grizzly bear fought an epic battle with a wolf — only to later be killed by a train.

Reddit | mattjh

A wildlife photographer captured this epic battle, lasting four days, between this bear and a pack of nine wolves in Banff national park. The bear, who survived the attack, was later struck and killed by a train.

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7. A three degree temperature change caused this mass graveyard.

Reddit | pegasus_x

The temperature change caused animals to lower their activity levels. This made them vulnerable to being dislodged from their homes and washed ashore by violent waves. Everything except a few lobsters died. The live lobsters were collected in buckets and rescued.

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8. The bull terrier has gone through one heck of an evolution, thanks to selective breeding.

Imgur | BrandyDawley

The bull terrier used to be a gorgeous dog, but 100 years of selective breeding has turned it into a sad, mutated horror show with a weird, misshapen snout and a host of the problems that usually come with inbreeding.

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9. The world's most rare pasta is the "Threads of God" pasta, which requires a 20 mile trek to get the  opportunity to taste.

Twitter | @atlasobscura

It's only made twice a year at the Feast of San Francesco, and can't be made by anyone else. Even Jamie Oliver took a trek to Sardinia to learn how to make it, and he gave up after two hours.

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10. An Australian woman found one of the world's most venomous snakes hiding in her kid's lunch box.

Reddit | kitehkiteh

The baby snake was found when she was packing lunches. It's an eastern brown, one of the most deadly snakes, and even at its small size has a dangerous amount of venom. The snake was released outside without incident.

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11. Two elk got stuck together after a tussle. The young one died from coyote attacks, still stuck to the old one. 

Reddit | mattjh

The young one's body was eaten by scavengers, still stuck to the old bull by the antlers. This old elk carried around the severed head of the smaller animal for months.

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12. Tasmania police drove a drunk man home one night — and recorded the incident with a friendly selfie.

Facebook | Tasmania Police

The dude was so inebriated, the Tasmania police were contacted by a taxi company to help get the man home. The cops took a selfie with the guy so he'd know how he got home.

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13. This massive sunfish was caught in 1910. It weighed 3,500 lbs.

Reddit | ibkeepr

The fish was caught on the California coast on April 1st. Adult sunfish usually weigh between 600-2000 lbs, so this particular fish was one of the largest — and, of course, it was caught on April Fool's Day.

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14. This man was taking photos and petting a tiger when it grabbed onto his arm suddenly.

Imgur | drewkipow80

Instead of doing the sane thing and immediately trying to dislodge the giant cat with the sharp teeth from his arm, he decided to take a photo first. The tiger eventually let go without incident.

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15. This is the Chernobyl "elephant's foot," and if you got close enough to see it in person, you'd be dead within an hour.

Reddit | itz4mna

It's the remains of fuel rods and bits of the plant from the meltdown, and it's one of the most potent sources of radioactivity in the world.

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16. This massive sinkhole in Guatemala is 30 stories deep.

Reddit | kleptophobiac

This sinkhole opened up in Guatemala City in 2010 and swallowed a three-story building. Sinkholes are caused by water eroding the bedrock underneath the city. Because Guatemala City is built on things like volcano pumice, which is notoriously weak against water, it's particularly vulnerable to sinkholes.

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