14+ Pics That Had Us Seeing Double

Diply 24 Oct 2018

Are you a fan of doing a doubletake in the direction of your screen and then squinting a little bit at it to make sure that you saw what you think you saw? Then boy, do I have the article for you!

And even better news — it's the one you're looking at right now!

1. Let's start off with a doozy.

Reddit | aydmor

I promised you'd be seeing double, but in this case, you're seeing triple! When will the madness ever end?

Probably never.

But also, this could go on forever. At least until they make an unbreakable iPhone.

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2. I mean, there's no law against wearing multiple hats, right?

Reddit | Square_Arch

If you're walking around with this many hats, you're probably operating on a level of fashion that I can't even begin to scratch the surface of.

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3. Ah, I see you've also studied the (fan) blade.

Reddit | grammar-is-important

How is this actually practical? Not to mention, those blades are coming way too close to that center section for my comfort. I don't care how much cooler it keeps the room, the anxiety this thing would cause me just wouldn't be worth it.

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4. How would this even happen?

Reddit | Slackbeing

Are random toilet paper rolls just jumping into the various stages of the assembly process, trying to get as much attention as possible for their weird quirkiness? Am I projecting my own personality flaws onto inanimate objects?

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5. When the only guy they can find to do the sign language interpretation for your interview is you.

Reddit | cabargas

Obviously, this guy knows where the bread is buttered, and we've got to respect that.

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6. We're always talking about the Big Mac, but Little Macs matter too, y'know?

Reddit | esssssto

Look at those little burgers, being all cute. Getting all up in-slider like that.

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7. Grapes?

Reddit | captainbaptie

How many times can we say the word "grape" before it loses all meaning? Grape, grape, grape, grape, grape, grape, grape, grape, grape, grape. There it is. 10 times.

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8. What a great jacket! Who made it?

Reddit | LordFattimus

I genuinely can't tell if this is a very particular part of the Marc Jacobs brand or if this is a knock-off that's just trying to gaslight you into thinking it's the real thing.

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9. I was scared of birds to begin with, but this his hitting a whole new level of cooperation that I can't even start to cope with.

Reddit | ebilgenius

What's next, flying in formation?

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10. Just in case you forget what your hat looks like, you can always check your hat for a visual reference.

Reddit | kingeryck

We need to go deeper and get another picture of the hat embroidered onto the smaller hat.

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11. It's literally the job that he was born for.

Reddit | Deep_Glue_Sea

In a pinch, he could have also taken on a career as a pallbearer. But this works out way better than that.

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12. When you've got a brand, just embrace it.

Reddit | solapurkar

It's honestly so much work to actually think about what you want to wear every day. Save yourself some brain energy and just be that guy.

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13. When you realize the best thing you can be is you.

Reddit | SnakeHugz

This is not advice I'll ever accept for myself, but I hope that each and every one of you can come to embrace it. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

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14. It's like having two dogs, but you only have to clean up after one of them!

Reddit | davideftw

Or, alternately, it's kind of like having a Cerberus, but with 66% less likelihood of getting bitten. The point is, this dog's ear is cool.

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15. It's amazing that we live in 2018 and some people still don't get that Photoshop exists.

Twitter | @kingofthe99

Either that or they actually did take the time to take the picture, print the book, and then come back to have the kids pose again and...oh wait, I think my brain just broke.

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16. I don't think I'd ever be able to actually send a package in this location.

Reddit | oiracam

I'd just stand there and watch this dude work all day, marveling every time he looks like the photo.

Shout out to the fine folks at the 2 Health Bars subreddit for curating eye-boggling content like this.

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