24 Pics That Will Convince You The Universe Knows What It's Doing

Diply 15 May 2018

Life doesn't have to be filled with major events and huge sightings for it to be interesting. There are plenty of daily miracles and occurrences that are enough to make you realize that the world is an incredible place.

We've complied some images of seemingly ordinary things, but when you take a moment to actually look at them, you'll see that they're actually not ordinary at all.

1. This bathroom at a casino in Las Vegas has a cup holder for all the urinals.

Reddit | Orphius94

How often would this be handy in any bathroom? Even just for a water bottle!

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2. This seven-leaf clover.

Reddit | geogabs

When a four-leaf clover just isn't lucky enough, you gotta amp that stuff up. I hope the person who found this had an amazing day.

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3. This person found a literal heart beet.

Reddit | Snawl_

The might be the only play on words I am totally okay with. It's cute, it's accurate, and I just love beets. I hope this made someone smile.

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4. This bear just sitting at a picnic table.

Reddit | amygolightly

At first it might seem like he's all alone, but he might just be waiting for another bear to show up. Perhaps he's on a bear date? I hope it goes well for him.

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5. This flower has a leaf that has grown into a petal.

Reddit | melvaer

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. It suits this tulip really well. So pretty.

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6. This snail is enjoying a snack of some bread.

Reddit | muhoweb

Snails are so small and the world is so big, but they still manage to find the best little bits of it.

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7. This bar code has a tractor and some wheat.

Reddit | deliriousplays

What a great way to show people how healthy and natural their snack is! It might be one of the best marketing tactics I've ever seen.

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8. The product number on this pizza cutter looks like it actually says "PIZZA."

Reddit | Deadlive_138

I guess everything loves pizza, even a pizza cutter! It just has to have it's name printed on it.

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9. This guy's parents went to see Mt. Rushmore for the first time.

Reddit | HoneyBadgeSwag

Isn't it amazing how fog can obscure something that's right in front of us? Wow!

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10. This super thick lemon peel.

Reddit | LennyBallbag

It's a good thing they cut it in half instead of trying to peel it, otherwise they might have been there for a while!

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11. This bonfire looks like there's a bird flying out of it.

Reddit | Vexxer232

Wouldn't it be cool if you could hatch a Phoenix in your own backyard just by having a little fire?

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12. The plastic at the bottom of this water bottle bunches up to form a little mountain.  

Reddit | SiilverxD

A lot of water brands try to prove how natural they are, but you can't beat this.

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13. This crouton looks like it wasn't broken up before being packaged.

Reddit | PheonixWeaver

I think this crouton was made for me because I never get enough in my salad, and I could eat a whole bag.

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14. This tree is growing into itself.

Reddit | Hheehaw

Some plants start to fall over from the weather or because they aren't strong enough to stand up on their own, but this tree is its own support system.

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15. This tulip actually grew through an old leaf. 

Reddit | mykalepaul

When it's time for new nature to grow, nothing can keep it from doing so. Old lives end so new plant life can be born.

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16. This wood knot in a board looks like a person's eye.

Reddit | MonTheBiff1

Mother Nature always needs to keep an eye on things, and when something has been taken from its natural habitat, she needs to know what's going on.

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17. This banana has a smiley face hidden in it.

Reddit | calyurk

Maybe it's just really excited to be in this person's home, and hopes they enjoy the potassium they'll get from eating it.

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18. This rainbow made a perfect arc over this neighborhood.

Reddit | mary_queenofthots

Either they are super blessed people, or luck is in the air tonight. Seems like a place I'd want to move to!

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19. These glass frogs are able to absorb light shining through leaves so that they look the same as whatever they're sitting on.

Reddit | HIsalamanda

This helps them camouflage easily, and they look so cute doing it!

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20. This strawberry looks like it's big enough to make two smaller strawberries.

Reddit | Jug-Seb

Sometimes you just aren't getting enough fruits, so nature has to take the lead. Delicious strawberries for everyone!

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21. "Some hay and grass seed was left in the back of my truck and now I have a portable lawn!"

Reddit | dontletemin

There's no way to keep nature out, and why would you want to?

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22. This puddle looks like there is a ghost in it waiting to scare the next passer-by.

Reddit | Po1sonator

I wonder what you had to have done to end up being a ghost left to haunt in a puddle.

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23. "This apple tree has half white and half pink blossoms."

Reddit | Kentorrr

Sometimes it's hard to pick just one color, but then things like this happen and you don't have to choose anymore!

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24. This imprint shows that some owl did not have a very good night.

Reddit | gsbiz

I really hope he's okay, but what was he covered in that left a whole imprint of his little owl body?

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