16 Pics That'll Make You Blink Twice

Diply 3 Apr 2018

We go through life with certain expectations based on our experiences.

Those expectations allow us to make hundreds of tiny assumptions throughout the day, which help us navigate our world more efficiently.

But what happens when what we see makes no sense? Well, it'll definitely cause you to blink a few times while your brain processes.

Check out the following pictures to see what I mean.

1. This chair makes me want to break things. 

Reddit | CosmicKeys

At first, I thought "that's a dumb design, you're gonna slide off." And then I noticed the uneven legs. I can't. I hate everything about this.

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2. This sketchy sand pit leaves me with so many questions.  

Reddit | 2clickswest

First off, why would they put a sand pit in the middle of a sand pit? Second, why is there a manhole at the bottom? Where does it lead? I HAVE TO KNOW THESE THINGS!

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3. This undercover doggo knows how to blend in. 

Reddit | Jachen

While I'm sure matching your pet to your carpet helps hide all the fur, it also means that one misstep could lead to a very bad situation. Good thing this little guy has a bright collar on!

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4. This teen has all the smooth moves. 

Reddit | lillardzero

Either this is an expert-level photoshop job or this kid has no legs and a wicked sense of humor. In either case, I am equal parts impressed and confused.

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5. This woman is all legs.

Reddit | EDACRA

I don't like it. I don't like it at all. This is obviously just an optical illusion, but I've been staring at this photo for an embarrassingly long time, and I still can't figure out how it happened.

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6. This two faced woman.

Reddit | dittidot

There's a couple of things happening here. At first glance, nothing special. Then, you quickly realize it's actually a face drawn on the side of a woman's head. BUT THEN, you notice that the right eye is real and she's staring directly at the camera.

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7. This dog found a glitch in the matrix. 

Reddit | BigBeautifulWalrus

I'm not gonna lie, this one tripped me out for a second. I thought that woman was walking around with a severed dog head. Luckily, she's not sending a message to her rival, she just has two matching dogs.

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8. This meta lighter leaves me with some burning questions.

Reddit | thefoxymulder

What happens if you try to smoke the cigarette lighter? Do they make lighter-shaped cigarettes, too? Shouldn't it open on the other end?

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9. This roll of sidewalk is oddly satisfying. 

Reddit | xahmah

To anyone without construction knowledge, this could be pretty convincing. The sculpture even has indents to represent the expansion joints on a sidewalk. If only paved walkways were this simple.

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10. This alarming stop light has me concerned. 

Reddit | Nehrox

You guys, what's gonna happen when that light turns green? A meteor comes crashing to the ground? An alien spaceship gets the "all clear for landing"? Nothing good can come of this.

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11. This odd car has me questioning physics. 

Reddit | flyingpigmothership

Yes! I know what tricycles are. But, something about a three-wheeled car just seems reckless to me, especially since the single wheel is at the back.

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12. This man has a solid grip on life.

Reddit | Michus2011

Having an extra finger is called polydactylism, and it's pretty rare. Especially having an extra middle finger, like this dude. But what I really wanna know is whether or not this means he's flipping me off?

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13. This confused music lover just wants to listen to AC/DC. 

Reddit | Tony_Sacrimoni

I hope he didn't end up shaking all night long, 'cause this seems like a surefire way to see Hells Bells. Or maybe he's listening to house music...

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14. This basketball net for...skydivers? 

Reddit | TopRamanNoodl3s

Really, though. Whose idea was it to install a net on top of a five story building? Who uses this? Better question: How does anyone use this?!

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15. This indestructible bike has me questioning the cost of cars. 

Reddit | tapo

First off, I have no idea how this is even possible. How heavy is that bike that it didn't get thrown across the road on impact? Is the cyclist ok? How did the car get so mangled?

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16. This bathroom tile makes you feel indecent while you do your business. 

Reddit | LordofNarwhals

Are you an exhibitionist who wants to feel like you're peeing on the side of an apartment building while all the occupants watch? Then you'll love this bathroom!

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