14+ Pics That Redefine Ridiculous

Diply 29 Jun 2018

According to dictionary.com:

[ri-dik-y_uh_-l_uh_ s] adjective

1. Causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable: a ridiculous plan.
2. Slang — absurdly or unbelievably good, bad, crazy, etc.: The concert was ridiculous, their best performance ever!

Now, with this in mind, maybe we don't need to redefine the word per se, but we should definitely employ the slang version in this case because these pictures are unbelievably...well, a lot of things. Enjoy these completely ridic pics that'll make you question everything.

1. My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.

Reddit | HottTamales

I also have tattoos of a wrestling ring, a $13 bottle of scotch, and a text message left on read. I'm doing great, why do you ask?

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2. Customs sucks in any capacity.


Seriously, it doesn't matter who you are — the process of having your things rifled through and your body frisked sucks for every single person that has to walk through that metal detector. No one is safe.

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3. You know it's a fancy wedding when they're serving children.

Reddit | Moxin84

Did you know that human veal is regulated by the FDA? If it's over 12, they have to call it "adult," and the word "child" is a protected term in the food industry.

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4. Okay, this is rude as hell.

Mashable | Mashable

Seriously, I'm about to text all the dudes to whom I sent this photo and tear them a new one because now, my picture is all over the internet, and I didn't even have time to get a pedicure.

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5. If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid.

Reddit | iHaveACatDog

Then again, the thought of smelling like latex is a pretty big "no." I just hope that it wasn't lubricated because the thought of having a sticky ring around my hair is hella unpleasant.

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Reddit | _waffleiron

Get it? Like in that movie with Jack Nicholson? I've never actually seen it, but I'm pretty sure he bursts through a wall at some point, so just let me have this one.

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7. Y'all should be jealous of this kid, TBH.

Twitter | @Lejlie

He's out here living his absolute best life, and you're standing around looking like a stock photo that comes with the picture frame. I bet you were all pretty upset about it at the time, but now, he's internet-famous with an awesome story. Who's laughing now?

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8. This was the result of either a celebration or a mental breakdown.

Reddit | LadyJane17

And that still doesn't tell me if the test was positive or negative. What a wild ride this picture has been.

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9. Losing a pet is heartbreaking.

Twitter | @ciaraa00

It's one of the most difficult things most people experience. The loss is a terrible struggle, and our instinct is to try and replace our friend, but ultimately, we realize it's better to find the first one you misplaced. And sometimes, they die, too.

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10. At the right angle, posing like this can be super flattering.

Instagram | Instagram

Lean into it too much, though, and you end up looking like you require back surgery. Your appointment is at 3:00 p.m.

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11. What you don't know is that her dad works in marketing at Trader Joe's.

Instagram | Instagram

This is the snail mail version of free samples at Costco. People will be rushing to buy Trader Joe's chips all over the country thanks to this brilliant marketing plan.

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12. A wise prophet once said, "Don't let your dreams be dreams."

Instagram | @quokkaflocka

By some stroke of luck, this pig clearly saw that YouTube video, and he's going for it. Proud of you, baby bacon.

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13. With all due respect, you probably can't prove that it doesn't.

Funnyjunk | Funnyjunk

She's the one with the super powers, after all. You're just jealous because of your stupid, regular hands.

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14. It reminds me of a poem I wrote back in college.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

Parappa the Rapper

Doesn't care about you.

Too real.

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15. I'm just happy this guy tried it before I did.

Reddit | cooldeadguy

I would've felt awfully darn silly showing up there with my forged check and business plan for an underwater empire knowing my terrible chicken scratch would be photographed for the world to see.

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16. I wonder if the capitalization represents excitement instead of anger.

Imgur | bosworth115

It makes it look as though someone is ready to turn these suburbs into a sub-herb, am I right?!

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17. Amith is my new hero.

Know Your Meme | Know Your Meme

Just look at him. This is clearly a guy who knows his worth and isn't going to settle for less than he deserves. Think he'd go out with me?

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18. I don't care if you're James Bond or Cheese Biscuits.

Twitter | @wroetoshaw

All I care about is whether or not this grocery store has those little sandwich crackers with the cheesy filling. Those are the best.

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19. "Okay, now paint 53 very similar ones so I can mull over them for hours before deciding which one to hang above the mantle."

Twitter | @bencjenkins

"I'm like, totally making a weird face in this one."

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20. Millennials are getting absolutely insane with baby names.

Instagram | @beigecardigan

First it's "Tomorrow," then it's "Next Month," and before you know it, "5 Years" has crawled by.

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21. Why not both?

Instagram | @kalesalad

Sometimes, being smarter means knowing when to conserve your energy for more important things. Sometimes, being lazier means you get what you want with a side of shame, but who cares if you don't have to leave your bed?

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22. I had to do a double-take on this photo.

Reddit | Lewgold

Mostly to make sure it wasn't me but also to check if that pizza was still edible in any way because I was worried they were shaming him for no reason. All pizza is good pizza.

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23. This is adorable.

Instagram | @mrchewybacca

When I used to have roommates, they'd just leave the door unlocked, knock over the coat rack, and eat my leftovers. I think I'd much prefer this.

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24. Please, no.

Instagram | @twerk_for_sloths

For the love of god, that's what ladders are for! Unless you have a death wish, this is the kind of thing you should try and avoid at all costs.

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