16 Pics That Play Tricks

Diply 28 Mar 2018

Whether it's a double take or a triple take, these weird shots will definitely make you go "hmmm." These won't make you uncomfortable, but they might mess with your brain a little bit.

Sorry in advance if you can't look away from some of these mind-bending masterpieces.

1. Glow-up? This cat's owners gave her a glow-down.

Reddit | phoecusTV

Instead of looking like a gorgeous feline goddess, this poor cat looks like her name is Susan, her favorite Golden Girl is Blanche, she goes to Zumba, and collects plates nobody is allowed to use.

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2. The poor security guard's face says it all.

Reddit | OriginalPepeSilvia

She's not sure what is happening. It doesn't look like they're doing anything specifically illegal. But something is definitely off, and she's not sure if she should put a stop to it.

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3. This poor dog.

Reddit | BigBeautifulWalrus

Trans-dimensional pupper is not here for this puppy bag nonsense. He wants out, and he'll get out by any means necessary, even if it involves breaking the laws of physics. He was never meant to be chained to this world!

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4. The longer I stare at this, the more it breaks my brain. 

Reddit | Tilviik

I've been staring at this for a good ten minutes, and I can't look away. Not only because it's weird, but because it has so completely messed up my perspective that when I look away I get dizzy.

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5. Those are some great Windows.

Reddit | perijoon

And let's face it, those windows probably let in far fewer bugs than the '98 version. They also look like a much better design than Windows Vista. They look like they were painted by hand, but I stand by my statement.

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6. Oh look, a literal garbage human in the wild.

Reddit | rodovsky

I thought these only existed in Youtube comment sections, but here we are. I have to give the guy props, though, because this must have taken some serious contortionist moves. He must be very flexible.

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7. I'm not sure if this is how this works or not.

Reddit | bh4v1k

I'm going to go with no, though? I'm not 100% sure what they're trying to accomplish here, but I support their attempts to do it.

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8. This is an accurate depiction of how everyone looked coming out of the Minions movie.

Reddit | eastanger

I felt like my eyes were bleeding too, little buddy. And it's all your fault, you little yellow monster.

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9. Condo development by Salvador Dali.

Reddit | Reddit

It looks like the wall is literally melting in the heat. Or that it has decided it doesn't want to be a wall anymore and wants to be a half-pipe instead.

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10. Is this a furry turkey or a really bendy cat?

Reddit | Big_Miss_Steak_

To be honest, the longer I look at it, the less I'm sure. I AM sure that it's making me not want to cook a turkey for Easter this year.

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11. What even IS this thing?

Reddit | chivesr

Is it a deer hoof? An anteater's snoot? A deer with an anteater hoof? I cannot figure out what this thing is. But what I DO know is that if I saw this thing, I would run.

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12. These are the angriest little trains I have ever seen.

Reddit | Nergaal

This looks like dystopian Thomas The Tank Engine as directed by Michael Bay. The trains slaughtered all the people of Sodor and they're after more blood.

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13. This is why I don't trust people who iron their jeans.

Reddit | lillardzero

Anyone who irons their jeans has no soul. I once dated a guy who ironed his jeans and I broke up with him because he kicked a puppy. Now I know his secret.

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14. "How can I make the back of my head even more imposing than my face?" NAILED IT.

Reddit | Gasnryo

Voldemort is gonna be REALLY mad when he notices this guy stole his bit. Do you want a Cruciatus curse? BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU GET A CRUCIATUS CURSE.

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15. Best way to avoid having to vacuum pet hair?

Reddit | Jachen

Just make yourself a carpet of dog! Or a dog made of carpet. Either way, problem solved. Your landlord will never even know you have a dog until the carpet barks at him.

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16. Not sure if I should admire the beauty of this tree, or be worried that broccoli grows this big.

Reddit | Bdogg242

I don't trust anything that looks like a cruciferous vegetable for dinosaurs. Scientists are getting out of control.

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