14+ Pics To Make You Go, 'It's Wrong, But I Like It'

Diply 9 Aug 2018

You know when something is so wrong but it feels so right? That's pretty much my favorite feeling in the entire world. It's the perfect balance between good and evil, happy and sad — it's like swinging on a giant taijitu pendulum between yin and yang.

I'm getting a bit too abstract, aren't I? Here, let me show you some examples of what I mean.

1. In a weird way, the death of over 1,500 people has brought these children so, so much joy.

Reddit | readball

"Honey, let's get a photo of Tommy drowning in the North Atlantic Ocean!"

It's a history lesson and a day of summer fun!

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2. All animal cruelty aside, they're still better than Crocs. 

Reddit | Reddit

I mean, they are literally crocs, so they're even doing a better job at brand authenticity than Crocs. Interestingly, though, both these crocs and plastic Crocs say, "Don't approach me."

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3. If this photo was taken in the summer, would you be more likely to go for a swing?

Reddit | gr3yh47

Obviously, the number one flaw about tree swings is their lack of a backrest. This solves that problem, so what's not to like?

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4. Speaking of toilets, it doesn't matter how many times I'm told, "Toilet water is actually clean!" — it will never be clean for me.

Reddit | hambo42

Technically, though, I suppose you could wash your hands in the toilet after flushing. And if that's true, then this soap dispenser makes total sense.

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5. I enjoy a peanut butter and pickle sandwich now and then, and this seems to be in the same ballpark. 

Reddit | Reddit

So, yeah, I'll go for a Snickle. Better yet, make it a deep-fried Snickle and you've got the trendiest carnival snack of 2018.

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6. The concept is there, but the execution? Not so much.

Reddit | slayerhk47

I swear to god, I saw this exact same dish in a trendy downtown bistro, only it was served on a long, rectangular plate and with a side of "smoked Canadian maple syrup."

Presentation is everything.

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7. From a pedestrian standpoint, this bike lane is pretty unnerving.

Reddit | Reddit

But from a cyclist's perspective, it looks like a sidewalk obstacle course, and I bet it's a ton of fun.

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8. How much do you want to bet that this guy has never received a single sexy pic in his entire life?

Reddit | SonOfTrout

At the end of the day, you always have to respect the effort.

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9. When I die, I can only hope that I go out with this much style.

Reddit | Captain_Protom

Funeral processions are hard enough to follow. Imagine having to keep track of this hearse!

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10. To be fair, if I'm going to cook my dog, I do want it to be tasty, healthy, and safe.

Reddit | MythicalBlue

To anyone who actually cooks for their dog, I just want you to know one thing: He doesn't care or appreciate it. He's a dog.

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11. Sure, it's terrible architectural planning, but I do love a secret, unopenable door.

Reddit | Ottomatik80

A secret, unopenable door is literally the premise of 80% of thriller and horror movies made to date.

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12. If you're on a date, and you go back to the person's house, and they have these in their dining room, you're about to die.

Reddit | Mirenithil

No non-serial killer would ever purchase such things. That's all I'm saying.

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13. It's totally unnecessary, but it's keeping the feud between iPhone and Android users alive, and I love that.

Instagram | Instagram

You can tell a lot about a person by whether they use an iPhone or an Android, and from a social perspective, that's an advantage I'd like to keep.

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14. Sometimes hiding beneath your covers and eating McDonald's fries like a squirrel is the best medicine.

Instagram | @insta.single

Never mind that fancy advice about "getting out there" and "moving forward."

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15. Honestly, this is how I'd spell "macadamia" — I had to Google it because spellcheck was confused by my first attempt — without some sort of technological assistance.

Twitter | @MarHimself

I heavily relate.

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16. Last but not least: this lemon, which is technically a failure, but I like it anyway.

Reddit | briefjoe

You know when you need just a tiny spritz of lemon? Here ya go.

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