12+ Pics That Are Fuel For Your Nightmares

Diply 20 Aug 2018

I've never been very good at handling scary things. When my family is watching a horror movie, I am the person covering up their eyes and plugging their ears at certain parts.

However, you have to face your fears at some point, right?

1. Is anywhere safe from spiders?

Reddit | Chackon

Sadly, I think the answer is "no." If this happened to me, I don't think I'd be able to get into the car for a while. How do they even get in there? No, thanks!

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2. I think it's time for a new toothbrush, or even a new house.

Reddit | KristnSchaalisahorse

Just looking at this situation sends chills down my spine. Do these creepy-crawlies have any purpose other than to terrify us? I don't see it.

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3. I'm happy to say that my roommate had a better taste in outfits.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Personally, I probably would've burned this thing. That way no one would be subject to wearing it as a joke or otherwise. Who made this bizarre monstrosity?

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4. Why would anyone put this up anywhere, let alone in a restaurant?

Reddit | purplehairedpagan

I'm sure that this is meant as a harmless sketch, but I feel like these guys are staring into my soul. I think I've lost my appetite. Don't hurt me!

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5. This would be a nightmare for me.

Reddit | medeamoon

As a wheelchair user, I'm glad they added more padding and electricity to the modern variety. I feel like there's a ghost in there.

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6. I'm sorry, but whoever did this is probably an alien.

Imgur | Imgur

I'll tell you what you did — you ruined a perfectly good thing that didn't deserve to be treated that way.

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7. I wouldn't post that on Instagram.

Reddit | McChickenMonkey

Usually, I'm all about trying new things. With this hot dog, though, they should have just stuck to the original game plan.

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8. I'd be really surprised if anyone picked this table.

Reddit | Thesundaybest

Who is going to handle that? I'm just really glad it's not me. The person who does should get a raise!

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9. Not everything needs to have a face.

Reddit | goriwalli

If somebody served me tea in this, I would run for the hills before it even got cold. I hope nobody bought this.

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10. Somebody really needs to hire a better costume designer.

Reddit | Reddit

That is definitely not the Sully that I remember. Even if I came across that now, my childhood would be ruined.

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11. Having this in front of your house might work better than a guard dog.

Reddit | ElasticLemon

I thought these guys were supposed to look friendly while doing really cheesy things. Apparently, somebody didn't get the memo.

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12. That's not at all how these guys are supposed to look.

transfixedonwhy | transfixedonwhy

Although, it does look like Tim Burton might've had a hand in the creation of this one. I think I prefer the originals.

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13. I don't think I want to visit Sesame Street anymore.

Reddit | pnoeric

It looks like this T-shirt was brought to you by the letter "Z." The gang looks like a bunch of zombies.

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14. I wouldn't even make it to the stall before letting go.

AcidCow | AcidCow

Is nowhere safe? I'm going to have to start going to the washroom with a buddy now. Thanks a lot!

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15. I'd be surprised if that was safe to drink.

Reddit | n1critic

Does anyone else get the feeling that something from Ghostbusters will come out of that tap, too? I'm definitely not prepared.

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16. This pizza is enough to give anyone some major trust issues.

Reddit | AfroTheSkeleton

If I saw anything like that on my pizza, I would probably never eat pizza again. That's just creepy!

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