12 Funny Pics That Prove Not All Surprises Are Good Surprises

Diply 3 Jul 2018

When you get into one of those routines that just starts to seem mundane after a while, a little surprise can help things seem new and interesting again. Unfortunately, not all surprises can be good surprises. Today we're looking at the kinds of surprises that no one asked for — the moments when we were thrown for a loop in a weird, weird way. In other words, some really funny things that happened and we deserve to laugh at!

1. Definitely not the taste you're looking for.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Nothing's better than expecting a big ol' scoop of frosting, and then realizing you just straight up ate grease, huh? I don't know how the smell wouldn't give it away, but I've been eager for sugar before too.

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2. You know what? It's not that bad.

Instagram | @girlsthinkimfunny

I mean, the dude obviously has the body for it — it's pretty much his size and everything! Heck, get your makeup on point, find some cute shoes to match, and I'll see you on RuPaul's!

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3. I guess this is why they call them horny toads?

Instagram | @memes

But if you feel bad about gettin' your booty smacked, imagine how this little guy felt beforehand. He didn't come all the way out of the swamp for this to happen!

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4. When it looks like things are gonna get hot, but they really only get heavy.

Reddit | istealusernames

There's nothing that kills the mood faster than a harsh reminder of reality. My girlfriend won't even let me discuss 18th-century France in bed anymore :(

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5. Again, not really the kind of surprise someone hopes for on a cool day out.

Instagram | @will_ent

But, like her boyfriend said, at least she fulfilled what she set out to do!

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6. Okay, so, I'm never buying anything online again.

Instagram | @wot_u_sayin_tho

Not used, anyway. Look at this! On what planet do these qualify as earbuds when they're just cut-up headphones?! Absolutely mad.

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7. When they say it's what's inside that counts...

Reddit | ishan0102

That's a weird expression because I've never seen anyone's insides look all that attractive. Just like this sock that has become my nightmare fuel!

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8. You are what you eat! Or, what you get sent in the mail, I guess.

Instagram | Instagram

Always nice to see that parents are still thinking of you (and your inadequacies) while you're away!

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9. Okay, gotta give some credit to the dude for being this extra.

Instagram | @ifunnymeme

But, like, wow lol. I can't believe anyone would go this far just to send a selfie...like, an analog selfie.

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10. There are people getting weird surprises on both sides of this one.

Instagram | Instagram

I don't know who I feel worse for, the dude about to eat a bug, or the people at Domino's going like, "Salad? Do we have salads?!"

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11. Great to see you too! Guess I'll be seein' you all day.

Instagram | @hoodclips

Would be kind of fun to see how many people you could tag with your face like this, though.

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12. Now, who wants a slice of cheesecake? Wait...

Instagram | @wholesomeme_

I'm no MasterChef winner or anything, but I don't think mac & cheese is supposed to look like my grandma's sewing kit.

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