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16 Pics That Got Us Straight Shook

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Clearly, there's no shortage of weird stuff on the internet. But every now and then, I'll come across something that just leaves me shook — no other way to describe it, really. Whether it's someone doing something crazy, a totally strange photo, or just something that blows my mind, one way or another, these kinds of things warrant a reaction.

I know it's different for everybody, so I tried to mix it up a lot — here are a bunch of pics that should leave you shook!

1. This one will do it for me every time!


Nope, I cannot do heights! Especially when there's no safety involved at all — not even some decent shoes! No job is worth going this far out of your way for, my dude.

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2. I've never seen this and I'd be cool with not seeing it again, thanks.

Instagram | @kttiens

Really, I've never even considered most birds eggs not being the chicken eggs that we're used to. This just seems like a mad millionaire's crazy breakfast.

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3. Okay, so there's one other weird food item I had to include.

Facebook | Sooooo................ You Mad!

Again, it's just the sort of thing that you don't even think about! Like, of course you can peel a lime, but why on Earth would you want to?!

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4. What other strange experiments is the government hiding from us? 

Twitter | @missskylerb

This must've been, like, a prop or set piece or something, but imagine just walking down the street one day and glancing over to see this! I'd be more than a little shocked, tbh.

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5. Well, that's a hard swipe right — clearly. 

Reddot | _Ryanite_

I mean, look, we have so much in common! I also enjoy breathing air, etc. I'm gonna take 'em to that new sushi place. Unless I'm just being catfished.

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6. Next time that awkward conversation about how babies are born comes up, just explain it like this!

Imgur | birdm4n

I'm pretty sure that's how I was conceived and basically refuse to believe otherwise.

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7. This left me shook on the "I'm infuriated" side of things.

Reddit | GroovyRunner

First of all, it's "dab." Secondly, it's not 2016 anymore, no one dabs. Thirdly, I'm all for your message, but no one is gonna take this seriously!

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8. We all have that one friend, amirite? |

Sending the pic is weird enough — I had no idea such tiny lizards existed — but committing to the bit is enough to stir anyone's pot.

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9. This dog makes me more and more uncomfortable the longer I look at it.

Imgur | anlyin

Like, I honestly know a guy who looks like that! I can't tell if this is photoshopped or not, but I don't think it is! Please tell me I'm wrong.

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10. I mean, that's one way to do it...I guess.

Twitter | @mariamhates

So long as you always have your eyes open, the plan is pretty much flawless! Who needs to blink, anyway?

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11. At first I was like, "Aw, that's a nice-looking billboard," and then I noticed the hands...

Tumblr | picsthatmakeyougohmm

The many, many hands. I don't know everything that's going on here, so maybe there's a point to them? But regardless, consider me shooketh.

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12. This sign, however, is a little more than disturbing.

Imgur | CrabApple

Again, I love the message here, I'm all for it. But you really couldn't find a better way to get it across, huh?

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13. Look, I don't blame her, I'm useless without my coffee too. 

Twitter | @Mr_DrinksOnMe

But how do you even politely try to help her out without embarrassing the heck out of the poor girl?

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14. I have no idea what a chicken nugget volcano is, really, but I love every word involved in the name.

Imgur | anlyin

Find yourself someone who will make you natural disasters made out of food wonders!

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15. Sometimes, how shook you get from a picture is just a matter of perspective.

Reddit | Limuni13

There's no way anyone doesn't have some sort of reaction to this one at first glance! It's just a fountain, don't worry.

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16. And lastly, I think we'd all have the same reaction.

Twitter | @Info_Bey

I mean, just meeting Beyoncé in general — I don't think she'd be very interested in a carousel ride with me.

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