16 Pics That Really Need To Be Double-Checked

Diply 28 Mar 2018

You're inundated with images all day long, from the snaps in your social media feeds to the pictures on those billboards on the side of the highway. Most come and go with little impact, but some of the wild and weird ones warrant a second look because of the head-scratching questions they prompt.

1. Did the road stop the fire on its own, or was it used on purpose to stop the fire?

Reddit | earthmoonsun

Although it looks like the fire met its match when it ran up against this road on a windless day, a firefighter says the road was likely used as a staging area for a "controlled back burn."

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2. This is what hail (and feet) look like in Alabama

Reddit | gmnitsua

A viewer sent this photo of a massive piece of hail into the local TV station. It looks like it's from another planet and could do some real damage. You might want to avoid Alabama during hailstorms.

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3. "I'm just sittin' out here watching airplanes, take off and fly"

Reddit | sagra

The planes reflected in droplets bring to mind a scene from Pink Floyd's The Wall. You only notice the big ones at first, but look closer and there are markings like tiny screw heads in even the smallest droplets.

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4. Remember me? I'm that bug you squashed and flushed down the toilet in High School

Reddit | HooptyDooDooMeister

While this looks like a mad and massive monster scaling the side of a high-rise, it's actually just a regular-sized bug on the windshield of a car. Perspective is everything.

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5. "The sea was angry that day, my friend!"

Reddit | bassistmuzikman

It must have been a massive storm indeed that catapulted this puffer fish into the top of this tree somewhere in New England. What a wild night!

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6. Baby on board: Who signed off on this?

Reddit | argmannen

Yes, rules and regulations were lax several decades ago, but surely this wasn't viewed as acceptable by loving parents? Not even by the ones (most of them) who drove while tipsy. At least they were only marketing it for "hardtop cars" and not convertibles.

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7. We don't make this stuff up. There's a nail. In his head.

Reddit | minhhale

We're not sure how this happened and we're not sure how they are going to get it out. We're just glad it's not us — and that this person's okay!

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8. Imagine seeing these ominous cloud formations after a tornado has ripped through your town

Reddit | Noohtje

You couldn't be blamed for hopping in your car and hitting the highway. These Mammatus clouds look like skeleton fingers ready to do some real damage.

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9. It's not an onion: Apparently, "monobulb garlic" is a real thing

Reddit | vseznayka

After beating back the legions who told the poster it was actually a picture of an onion, the poster confirmed the existence of single clove garlic, which is perfumed and tastes somewhat milder than traditional garlic.

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10. A life in the streets has made pigeons one tough bird

Reddit | Decestor

This pigeon seems unaware or at least unperturbed that it has a dart running through its head. How did it get there and how is that bird still walking around?

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11. Why aren't these Dog Dens outside every store in the world?

Reddit | Flixen01

Dogs miss out on a lot of sweet car rides because their owner obviously doesn't want to leave them in the car when they go into the store. These Dog Dens outside a Copenhagen store solve that problem and everybody wins!

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12. Stop, go, and whatever you do on an amber all at once

Reddit | theRealEnchilada

The long exposure required for this low-light photo makes it appear all three light colors are on at the same time. But why are there three sets of lights, all facing in the same direction?

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13. Born to be wild... Is that a Steppenwolf on that motorcycle?

Reddit | atlaspowderco

That's one cool pooch riding along with one stone-cold owner, who's also brave enough to ride this rocket in his bare feet. This might not end well but, for now, that dog is one happy passenger.

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14. I'll send a USB to the world, I'll send a USB to the world

Reddit | -sUBzERoo-

It doesn't quite have the same ring as "Message in a Bottle" by The Police, but this memory stick in a bottle is certainly a modern take on a time-honored tradition.

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15. These invisible paper towels might not look like much but they sure do soak up those spills like a sponge

Reddit | thekingkeir

Just look at the borders on the table. Sharp and dry. Hardly a drop is seeping out. This towel hasn't just soaked up the spill, it's become it.

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16. Scroll up and down and these tiles will appear to move

Reddit | roadtrip-ne

Black and white squares combine to create an optical illusion on your computer screen and also in this hallway, which is actually flat despite what appears to be a deep, people-eating slope.

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