16 Pics Proving The World Is Getting Weirder By The Second

Diply 28 Mar 2018

I don't have to explain to you how weird it is out here. You're already on the internet, so you must already know.

But do you know how weird it is out here? Here's a simple way to calculate it. Take however weird you think the world is. Times that by a million, then again by two. It's that weird.

Don't believe me? Let's take a ride.

1. You know what? I already find self-checkout machines creepy, and this is definitely not helping.

Reddit | SympatheticMPK

Just do me a favor and try not to steal my soul, you mechanical demon.

If the robot apocalypse happens, you know this freakish 'bot is the first to go.

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2. Just a second. Let me get this straight.

Reddit | maximuffin2

You're telling me that this bizarre haunted bull's head is going to freak me out each and every time I go into my living room? Cool, I hate relaxing anyway. How much?

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3. Hey, kids! Do you love the taste of bacon, but your parents are worried that it's unhealthy to eat too much of it?

Reddit | igarglefire

Well, good news! New Squeez Bacon doesn't taste like real bacon and it's extremely unhealthy!

Wait, what was your question?

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4. Good thing that's about as dumb as a bacon product can get.


Except it's not.I wonder if you can use the Squeez Bacon as the deodorant anyway. It'd be nice to save a little money for all the body wash you're gonna need.

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5. I don't know if this counts as a face swap gone horribly wrong, or a face swap gone horribly right.

Reddit | Irish_R3bel

But the key word here is "horribly" — that's what's important.

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6. This is like every melodramatic person who steps in a puddle on their way to work.

Reddit | action_jim

Like, don't freak out. Just get to the office and steal your coworker's shoes, like I do. (Sorry, Dylan.)

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7. It was then that Chad realized he had found the love of his life at that club.

Reddit | celery2015

It was a little later that Chad realized he was probably too drunk to be making decisions like that.

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8. Well, at least that's probably the weirdest pic you can find under "mask kiss."


Oh. Never mind. I forgot that there's always going to be something weirder on the internet.

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9. You know, there's a lot of weird stuff out there that I don't like, but this one ain't one of them.

Reddit | BeenToHell

It actually warms my heart to see people doing stuff like this. Makes me feel almost normal, too!

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10. Well, that's unsettling. 

Reddit | ChrisonCroissant

Remind me to watch my back if I ever decide to try and pitch a new idea to the people at Lego. Or, just watch my back in general. He could be anywhere.

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11. Oh man, creepiest non-Lego dude I've seen today.

Reddit | Reddit

Was this originally a panorama that's been cropped? I really hope so, because otherwise I'm going to have a hard time getting to sleep tonight.

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12. Hopefully there's nothing creepier with a bendy face than that guy—


Ugh! Whydo I keep tempting fate like this?! I hope I can blame this on Stephen Harper. He's Canadian, so he'll probably just say sorry.

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13. Somehow I don't think he understood when someone told him to start listening to more high-energy music.

Reddit | Tony_Sacrimoni

Go back to classical, nerd.

(I love classical music, so I'm allowed to make this joke.)

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14. And the big winner of my 2018 Missing The Point Award goes to...this dude.

Reddit | hunjocky

Congratulations! It was a really tough contest this year. Your prize is...a pair of shoes?!

Oh, well.

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15. Hey Skeletor, how many times have I told you not to ride your horse in this museum?

Reddit | jeg_seconds

And put some clothes on, for goodness' sake! There are little skeletons trying to learn about history!

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16. Rye would you do something like this?

Reddit | Stan62

I don't understand. But this is the internet, and I think it's actually illegal to hate on cats, no matter what horrifying shape they take, so...cute?

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