15 Pics That Prove The Number On The Scale Doesn't Matter

Diply 27 Mar 2018

When we're looking to shed a few pounds, tone our bodies, or make all-around better choices for our health, it's easy to get caught up with the numbers we see on the scales.

While weight can sometimes be an indicator of health and fitness, it's only one factor of many. In fact, one person can weight the exact same or more than they did before, and actually be healthier after.

1. "And for anyone just seeing this for the first time YESSS really 2 lbs, the scale doesn't measure fat vs muscle! Keep going girls ??" —@adrienneosuna 

Instagram | @adrienneosuna

Adrienne's transformation didn't come from diets or products available on Facebook, she started lifting heavy weights and is seeing results.

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2. "Little by little I found my way back to the happy and healthy Katie I want to be." —@katie.lynn.koch 

Instagram | @katie.lynn.koch

Katie, an RN and Health Coach, reminds us that even when we fall off track, we can get right back on!

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3. "On the left (current) I have more muscle mass with less body fat, whereas on the right (10 months ago) I'm holding more body fat and less muscle mass." —@kai_fit_la 

Instagram | @kai_fit_la

Kaila reminds us why body composition can change without a change in weight.

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4. "Same weight different year and shape ?✌? Regardless of whether your goal is strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, etc., you should be pushing the weights." —@tian.fitty2 

Instgram | @tian.fitty2

Tian is looking strong and lean, despite weighing the same as she did a year ago!

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5. "Okay #realtalk for a minute..... ⭐️ So I've gained weight. Like a lot of weight. Since I have started seriously lifting I have gained 20lbs and I am super proud of that." —@ashswoley 

Instagram | @ashswoley

Everyone's journey is different, and everyone's body composition changes in different ways.

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6. "First pic was taken January 12th. I just took the second pic. It's crazy how much you can change in just over 2 months. Now all I need is a little bit of sunlight and to keep on improving." —@thereisnotry51880 

Instagram | @thereisnotry51880

Even just a few months of training can see shape differences without much change on the scale.

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7. "'How much weight have you lost since the start of your fitness journey?!' Uhmmmm. The truth is that I have stayed almost the exact same weight as when I started." —@wholesome_lee 

Instagram | @wholesome_lee

It's pretty clear that even though she weighs the same, Lee's physique certainly has changed!

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8. "I weighed myself today for the first time in forever...I'm exactly the same weight as when I started last June! This is why you shouldn't depend on the scales when you're working out!" —@laurapattison_fit 

Instagram | @laurapattison_fit

Laura reminds us how incredible our bodies can be!

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9. "The scale doesn't measure sexy. ??❤️?" —@annethenurse 

Instagram | @AnneTheNurse

The scale doesn't measure confidence either, and Anne sure has a lot of that as she continues on her amazing fitness journey!

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10. "This is a little reminder that number on the scale is just number. Your weight doesn't equal your progress! You should focus on your look, not your weight." —@maha_sfit 

Instagram | @maha_sfit

Some great advice on staying motivated from Mahaba!

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11. "The scale does not differentiate between muscle, fat, water, and organs. I am the same weight between these two photos, but my body composition and health is a whole lot different." —@shapebynat 

Instagram | @shapebynat

Natalie reminds us that the scale doesn't reflect everything else about your journey.

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12. "145 Pounds in Both. Left: size 7 pant. Right: size 3 pant. Stop letting the scale determine your success... it's literally just a number!" —@brittelizabethfit 

Instagram | @brittelizabethfit

Pant size is one way to measure how your body is changing without the use of a scale!

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13. "So are my gains jaw-dropping NOT SO MUCH but I am happy because I'm doing something every day and that is more than I can say for the first 39 years of my life" —@ally_trout

Instagram | @ally_trout

Everyone has their own health journey, and it can start at any time!

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14. "Fast forward to now I am eating more than ever, stronger than ever (can now do 26 full push ups ??) and enjoying training 3 times a week" —@vickstar_jay 

Instagram | @vickstar_jay

"I'm actually 3kg heavier in the right picture compared to the left..."

There are many ways to measure success, not just the scale.

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15. "In both of these pictures I'm the EXACT same weight, normally I would be devastated and feel like I've failed. I've learned to feel and see the changes I'm making to my body." —@plant_fitness

Instagram | @plant_fitness

Georgie is learning to see beyond the scale and focus on how she looks and feels.

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So don't get discouraged if the number on the scale doesn't want to budge!

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