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16 Pics That Prove All Our Minds Are In The Gutter

Diply 3 Jul 2018

If you're like me, your mind would be homeless without the gutter. Come on, I can't be the only one who still giggles like a school kid when they hear words like "titmouse," "masticate," or "Uranus."

But hey, we're still a family site here, so anything you find dirty about these pics in particular, well, that's on you. So if you've got a sense of humor, a dirty mind, and a love for in-your-endos, this one's for you!

1. Yep — we're gonna start off fast and hard with this one.

Reddit | [deleted]

First of all, "that's what she said," but also, I think you'll tend to see a running pattern with these where you just can't help but wonder how no one picked up on the joke.

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2. Nope, can't see any problem baking up a batch of these shapes.

Imgur | boyt42

I can only imagine some poor person picking this up for their church bake sale or something, passing them off as everybody's favorite tomato and cucumber pair! A nice pair indeed.

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3. Everything you need for a solid weekend.

Imgur | reeceska

Thanks, Home Depot, you've really raised the bar. I went in looking for some caulk and came out looking like I was gonna build my own _50 Shades Of Grey–_style chamber.

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4. Wow, even for him!

Imgur | MadMen07

There are too many opportunities for dirty jokes when it comes to reporting the weather — it's a good thing, though. Love when they'll say something like, "It's a dry hump day, today!" Word, I haven't had one of those since high school.

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5. I, too, am a fan of jazz. Nothin' like blowing on that mouthpiece for some hot sax sounds. 

Reddit | [deleted]

What? Why would you laugh at someone who's addicted to jazz and blowing hot sax?

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6. The night time is the right time, I guess.

Imgur | MintSM

So, I'm thinking that this was probably a Halloween display, right? You know what's more offensive than the innuendo here? Giving kids bananas as if they're candy!

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7. Just two moms who work together to get down and dirty. 

Reddit | jackapotamus89

You know, organic foods and all that. It's definitely better than the competitor brand, "Three Dads Eggplant Special."

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8. Bowling ad! This is a bowling ad — just have to make that clear.

Reddit | wartortl3

Mostly because it's times like these that your mind can literally be in the gutter. Bowling puns for the win!

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9. A snap you can send when your boyfriend has been gone a couple days.

Reddit | catpotatoe

Hobby Lobby seems a lot more thirsty than I remember it being last time I came.

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10. Well, okay now, that's not even a real emoji, right?

Reddit | RedditTossAccount

How did they not pick up on the "oh-so-subtle" gesture happening here? Does a cough really expand your cheek like that?

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11. Okay, of all the dirty jokes here, this one is literally the cleanest.

Reddit | ryencokez

And probably the best idea of them all! Hopefully, it doesn't get too steamy that it blocks the view, eh buddy?

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12. Sometimes, it's like the universe just reads your mind...your dirty, dirty mind.

Imgur | gracebauer

That being said, it's a fair question to ask yourself. What do you feel like doing tonight? Or whom?

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13. Niiiiiiice.

Reddit | jainswapnil52

All the raunchy numbers at once, huh? At least this one you can say, "the devil made me do it." That being said, it'd be hard to combine the innuendos of these numbers into one swift act of grossness.

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14. What a coincidence! That's exactly what the tattoo under my belly button says!

Reddit | ThatKidLix

I'm not even sure I know what instrument uses the tongue this much. Nor do I think I want to know.

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15. Usually people aren't this calm when a pen is broken, but I guess there's a solution for everything.

Imgur | TroyJan

Whatever the case, I'm sure you'll finger it out eventually.

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16. And lastly, really, that face just says it all.

Reddit | Reddit

As the banana display taught us: "When night falls, the fun begins." Because that's when you're going to be making dinner, which can always use a side of healthy vegetables!

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