16 Pics More Random Than Your Snapchat Feed

Diply 28 Mar 2018

We like to think we have the internet figured out. We understand dank memes, we rock group chats with fire emojis, and like to think of ourselves as the wizards of wifi.

Sometimes, though, we find things that completely defy the description and remind us that the web will always be weirder than we are.

Keep reading to discover some of the most random images ever stored online!

1. Quick, Boy Wonder: to the Underwood mobile!

Reddit | GeezusManForReal

We love Carrie Underwood as much as anyone else, but this falls somewhere between "weirdly charming" and "can you fast track that restraining order?" At the very least, we now have the image of a multiversal Underwood super team.

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2. Well, it's better than another butterfly tattoo

Reddit | the-d-man

Look, we all think Weird Al is a national treasure too. But unless your back can sing, this tattoo is just going to leave us wanting more of the real thing!

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3. Those smart people on the Weather Channel are going to tell you that this is simply a dome of fog...

Reddit | pestocake

However, we know a Goku Spirit Bomb when we see it and think you should get to a safe distance.

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4. Still better dressed than our last date

Reddit | ScLif

Our parents might scowl at Christmas dinner, but this little guy is why we say "yes" when people ask if we have children!

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5. When Mother Nature decides to go for the kill

Reddit | gmnitsua

Hail is always scary, and hail the size of your head is a great excuse to stay inside your home all day. Also, we'd say this was the scariest thing we saw in the shower if not for those terrifying toes!

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6. Is this real life or a cartoon?

Reddit | AmiroZ

We're not sure what's worse: that this looks an awful lot like our car or the fact that we're still making payments on it!

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7. The best and worst idea, all rolled into one

Reddit | argmannen

We know we're supposed to be horrified by the idea of a car hammock for children, but the truth is that we wish we could use one of these things for ourselves on our next road trip!

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8. Stranger Things is going in an exciting new direction

Reddit | Cooter_McDoogletron

We're not quite sure what happened to Eleven here. However, we're still willing to follow her through the Upside Down and back!

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9. The Simpsons looks more realistic every season

Reddit | borrow_a_feeling

We weren't quite ready to see the Comic Book Guy staring at us in real life. Next thing we know, he's going to be making fun of our opinions about Avengers: Infinity War!

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10. We're pretty sure that this detail was not included in the Bible

Reddit | SanePsycho82

Then again, this would help explain how Jesus became so wise in such a short period of time!

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11. This isn't the Dark Knight Returns we were expecting

Reddit | knittymcknitpants

We didn't know quite how ready we were for dad bod Batman until it happened. And let's face it: it makes it even better that he's still rocking the mask!

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12. This dog has seen things you people wouldn't believe

Reddit | schmerbert

The owners tell us he's coming off some meds, but that looks like our own pet when we forget to close the bathroom door.

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13. When you're ready to be devoured by a giant spider

Reddit | ehzstreet

This looks like an artsy conversation piece until you're pretty convinced you can hear it walking around while you're asleep!

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14. When the Ratatouille sequel gets a little too real

Reddit | dindymolan

When he said he wanted help to gauge how much he loved his hamster, we didn't think he was being so literal!

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15. A hard Dew's knight

Reddit | best_of_badgers

If you post this online with a Sir Gawain and the Green Knight joke, you might finally convince your old English professor that you didn't sleep through every single lecture.

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16. Your existential crisis all in one image

Kolsefur | Kolsefur

Generally speaking, we're either burning down the world around us, or goofing off and trying not to notice the flames getting closer and closer.

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