14+ Pics That Mastered The Unexpected

Diply 9 Oct 2018

You can't have a zig without a zag, y'know? Otherwise, you'd just have a straight line. Sometimes things going off in unexpected directions gives you all the flavor you want in life.

1. Honestly, if you have to squint to see that they're knockoffs, you're probably doing just fine.

Reddit | hamburgerizedjunk

And hey, if you get famous enough, then all the kids will be wanting their own pair of...Roy & Bons?

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2. I don't think I'll ever get bored of people being really disappointed by online shopping.

Reddit | devraj_17

Why does a rug that tiny even exist? And how small are those slippers in the preview option? Are we shopping in the Lilliputian section or something?

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3. She did what?!

Reddit | Nalukai

Honestly, this is just an example of marketing working properly. I want to know exactly what this tastes like, and I am willing to pay pretty much any price to find out. This apple butter is going to change my life.

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4. I think the place settings of hipster restaurants are just about my all-time favorite form of entertainment.

Reddit | MrHarpoon

This is the kind of place that understands you're only at a restaurant for the Instagram pic in the first place, so why bother making it at all practical?

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5. It's kind of mind-boggling just how often I've seen pictures of this kind of typo.

Reddit | 2020Hiieffect

And it's always misspelled the same way, too. Are people not getting trained on this before they get sent out into the field?

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6. I don't mean to prejudge, but this is exactly what I would expect from the arts and crafts of somebody who drinks Colt 45 and Jagermeister.

Reddit | BladeKat623

Fun fact — I forgot Skeletor's name and had to ask for help in identifying him.

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7. This hotel room is perfect for people who don't value things like privacy.

Reddit | TukTuk-OneLung

Even with the curtains drawn, people can still see the bed in the mirror. It may not be perfect for you, but I'm sure there are some people who are really into this.

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8. I think this is exactly the kind of picture that J. Jonah Jameson wants on his desk by morning.

Reddit | CallMeMoo

This picture demands a story to back it up. I don't have one, and I can't be inclined to make one up. But just know that the desire is there.

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9. That's certainly one way to get people's attention.

Reddit | Tracybugaboo

It seems like snark and sarcasm are leaking into just about every facet of daily life these days. I'm not complaining, I'm pointing it out.

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10. I get that this is just an optical illusion, but I'm still going to choose believe that this dog is pulling a Mary Poppins up on the wall.

Reddit | holo_cryptic

But also, let's appreciate how well these folks pulled off the illusion. A round of applause for them, if you please.

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11. Of all the warriors out there in the fight against capitalism, this bunny is that last one I expected to see on the front lines.

Reddit | labelling

Either that or it just recently got its heart broken and wants to make sure that if it can't get flowers, nobody can.

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12. In case you were wondering what a husky looks like under the fur.

Reddit | xXDarkx888Xx

I assume that this was done for, like, a medical reason and not for aesthetics. Because, y'know, the aesthetics at play here are...not good.

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13. I'm not sure whether this is warning about a crosswalk and a speed bump, or that I'm about to be kidnapped by aliens.

Reddit | VincentsPriceIsRight

Wait, no, abducted. That's the word. Man, I'm really bad with words today.

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14. I'm not saying that this picture is definitely a sign of the apocalypse, but...y'know...it's not not a sign of the apocalypse.

FunnyJunk | FunnyJunk

Part of me thinks the caption is actually a cover-up and we're all actually in a glitching Matrix.

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15. The fact that I'm over 30 and still snort whenever I see stuff like this gives me faith that I'm never really going to grow up.

Reddit | casserole09

It's short for "Land O'Lakes Buttered Milk," if you were wondering. But that kind of ruins the fun.

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16. This is what it looks like when the fire department has to rescue the police.

Reddit | etymologynerd

What a wacky turn of events! Hopefully these officers remember to return the favor the next time they get called about a wild party down at the fire station.

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