16 Pics That Are Making Us Uncomfortable

Diply 15 May 2018

Good pictures move you — some to tears, some to action, and some to the edge of your seat. They can take you back in time to visiting old friends and reliving all the happy birthdays and family vacations, and they can make your sides split with laughter.

These are more of the edge-of-your-seat kind, pics that make you hope for the best even as you prepare for the worst. So strap yourself in and prepare to be uncomfortable!

1. Here's some unusual damage to a house: a plane's engine embedded in the wall.

Reddit | runningreeder

Can you imagine coming home — or waking up — to that? Pretty sure it will be a new one for the insurance investigator, too.

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2. We've all been there, haven't we guys? You're just trying to help out, and you get a groin greeting for your trouble.

Reddit | StarVulpes

Which doesn't make it any less painful to watch, right? That look on his face is all too familiar.

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3. Can anybody look at these lace-up jeans and not think about the hot dogs that would squeeze out the sides of your legs every time you sat down?

Reddit | heputmystuffinjello

And I don't even want to imagine wearing these with a bursting bladder.

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4. Who among us sees a smoking fissure ripped into the earth and thinks, "Hey, I should get down in there and see what happens."?

Reddit | Miapop2000

Dude, it looks brave, but please get out of the hole before you slip into the fiery bowels of hell.

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5. I don't know why, but seeing playing cards in anything other than the standard colors is unsettling.

Reddit | WildFerns

And totally black cards are simultaneously awesome and strange. Would love to give these a try on poker night.

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6. See, this is why I don't hike — nature is beautiful and all, but I'm less certain of where I stand on the food chain.

Reddit | Austria_11

And getting close enough to take a pic of an angry mountain lion is too close for me.

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7. Well, at least this knickknack would be a conversation starter?

Reddit | ---Banjo---

Still, I wouldn't want it holding my pens — I'd be worried about losing a finger every time I reached for something.

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8. Just in case you thought pitching a baseball was a straightforward thing, this pic proves otherwise.

Reddit | Sammy_D-

And it totally explains why so many pitchers have elbow problems and blow out their arms at a young age.

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9. A bunch of wild-haired women hanging from the walls could be straight out of The Exorcist, don't you think?

Reddit | chondroguptomourjo

Looks weird, but it's really just a bunch of ballerinas stretching their calves.

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10. You know, it's not hard to find a good phone case these days. There are plenty out there.

Reddit | the_hiddennn

If you want to look different, you don't need to resort to a yellow-toothed denture phone case, because eww.

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11. Traffic problems are coming to a head on this road, and I really hope that they're not coming at each other full-speed.

Reddit | chandr1000

And you have to wonder how they all got so confused in the first place.

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12. This utility worker looks like he's bitten off more than he can chew with his high wire act.

Reddit | RogueAero

Thankfully, it sounds like it all worked out. After posting the pic, Reddit user RogueAero said that he "tight-rope[d] around the cables for about 20 minutes before calmly climbing down."

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13. Nothing like seeing an apartment building engulfed in flames and noticing that one tenant seems completely oblivious to the danger.

Reddit | Oodle_the_poodle

Because he was! Apparently the alarms on his floor weren't working. Thankfully, he made it out okay.

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14. Oh man, did he ever fly too close to the sun — that's a hefty dry cleaning bill about to happen right there.

Reddit | Aeogor

Hope they already had all the nice pictures they wanted from their wedding reception!

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15. Pacemakers are amazing inventions that save countless lives every day, but something about seeing one through an X-ray is just unsettling. 

Reddit | pjmcfunnybunny

It's too real, and it makes me want to hop on a treadmill for a few hours.

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16. Hey, if you haven't had a panic move-out, you haven't really lived.

Reddit | swear_words_and_smut

And although you have to admire the skill it took to build that precarious tower of stuff, it's just a tragedy waiting to happen.

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