13+ Pics That Made Us Wonder What The Heck We Were Even Looking At

Diply 17 Jul 2018

It's a strange old world out there, and you don't need any kind of after-effects or digital processing to make it any weirder. All you need is a camera, and to be in the right place at the right time. And, since everybody and their mother has a camera now, being in the right place at the right time happens more often than ever.

So, the strangeness is more prevalent than in the past, more in our faces, and more readily available. But we do have some explanations to go with it, so that's something.

1. Plastic spoons do sometimes have designs on them, but this isn't from glitter — it's sugar.

Reddit | drpants1

It just arranged itself in that fancy pattern thanks to static electricity when it came into contact with a metal surface.

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2. It's not uncommon to see recognizable shapes in the clouds, but this formation looks uncannily like a good chunk of the globe.

Reddit | Optisrule

You can make out Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Hey, Cloud Atlas wasn't the most memorable movie, but apparently it has come to life all the same.

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3. So, this is what happens when you drop a peanut behind your couch and forget about it: ants turn it to dust.

Reddit | BovineBurtle

I think I'll just go home and immediately pull all the furniture off the walls to check for fallen food, for no particular reason.

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4. Now, I've cut into many, many lemons in my lifetime, but I've never found so many chambers inside one.

Reddit | wifi972

Does anybody else think this should be juicier than a normal lemon?

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5. Launching a boat off a trailer can be tricky, but I think someone might have had more trouble than usual.

Reddit | spook30

You have to wonder how it goes so wrong when the truck ends up at the bottom of the lake though, don't you?

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6. Of all the things you'd expect to find littering the branches of a tree in the middle of nowhere, shoes have to be near the bottom of the list.

Reddit | jaykirsch

But there they are, and by the dozens for some reason.

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7. The mirror image of this vent looks wrong, but the mirror isn't messed up or anything.

Reddit | fitzdrizzle

It's just the angle of the slats in the vent screwing up the symmetry. Even knowing that, it's still kinda weird to look at.

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8. Yeah, mirrors are strange. On the left, the bird's wings are straight out, but in the mirror, they're up.

Reddit | phba

So the camera's rolling shutter captured the bird's wings in two different positions. Wild!

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9. You couldn't tell just by looking at this pair of glasses that the lenses were any different, but the shadow tells another story.

Reddit | martyjmma

The lens on the right has UV protection, so it casts a dark shadow.

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10. You know that this is a three-dimensional object, but it's hard to tell for sure just by looking at it.

Reddit | mccarthybergeron

Someone did an amazing polishing job on this block of marble.

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11. Whoa, this is crazy, but no, there's no photo trickery going on that makes it look like this person's hands are in two places at once.

Reddit | macbook-amateur

It's not some Star Trek CGI stuff — it's just two hands through a computer monitor.

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12. I thought maybe the surface was cracking up like a phone screen at first, but it's just a plant growing in water.

Reddit | greg_tier7

With no ground underneath, its roots are spreading out looking for something to latch onto.

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13. There's a cool light show going on inside this kid's bedroom, but it's not intentional.

Reddit | TwinklyStinkly

The blackout curtains are creating a camera obscura, projecting an upside-down image of the street below onto the wall.

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14. Weirdly, the home of the Whopper has an unusual location — this Burger King is in disguise as a normal, everyday house.

Reddit | pedsrnbsn

I wonder if it still has a drive-thru.

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15. How can green and red grapes grow in the exact same bunch?

Reddit | Justsoinsane

Well, they don't, really. It's just that some of these grapes have ripened earlier than the others. The green ones will catch up.

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16. I'm sure even the U.S. Mint makes the odd mistake, and this penny stamped off-center — and in an oval rather than a perfect circle — qualifies.

Reddit | gavanator2345

Probably the bigger mistake was sending it out in circulation.

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17. Don't blame the groundskeeper for the state of this hole. 

Reddit | _summerhayes_

That wild pattern scorched into the grass came from a lightning strike! That's why you don't play in a thunderstorm, folks.

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18. That seems like an ominous sign when boarding a plane.

Reddit | Vladimir-Putin

And it's not that Snoop is on this flight or anything. The temperature and pressure changes inside the cabin have caused a little cloud to form. It's just water vapor, so it looks worse than it is.

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19. This is some pretty cool art — so cool that it takes you a moment to realize that it's done on a mattress next to a dumpster.

Reddit | Darmok-on-the-Ocean

The question is, did the artist paint that before or after the mattress got there?

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20. This also looks like some sweet art, and it sort of is.

Reddit | ghostbackwards

It just wasn't done in any traditional style — it's the pattern left on paper towel after washing and drying some berries.

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21. More unexpected artwork from fruit can be found just by slicing into a pineapple.

Reddit | RexThunderhorn

Whether you put it on pizza afterwards is between you and your God. But isn't that an interesting pattern?

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22. Seeing bats hanging around upside down is weird enough, but when you flip that scene on its head, well, you get this.

Reddit | SociableFall

Like they're all huddled on a street corner against a bitter winter wind.

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23. Somehow, the light lined up just right for this closed flower to appear to be open in its shadow.

Reddit | huskydaisy

It's almost like the universe is trying to make some kind of motivational/inspirational statement.

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24. You'd almost think that one window on this train car was getting rained on hard, while the other remains clear.

Reddit | mitchanium

But really, the glazing on the window isn't working, so it's all fogged up.

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